From Hagmann and Hagmann last night.  If you care enough to want to see judicial activism destroyed!


Just ask Devvy Kidd in her outrage.




From Rick Wells website

Lesbian activist Masha Gessen admitted the true homosexual marriage agenda in a panel discussion before a group of her like-minded comrades at a May 19, 2012 event. The gathering took place in conjunction with the Sydney Writer’s Festival, with her panel discussion titled, “Why Get Married When You Can Be Happy?”

She made the point that not only should homosexuals, in her view, have a right to marry, but they also have a right, and she has a mission, to eliminate marriage entirely. She stated, “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.”

Liberals always love spreading their misery and dysfunction around. Lowering the bar of happiness for others raises them relatively. She quips that the existence of marriage causes “her brain some trouble.” It is quite evident in her subsequent comments that her brain is very troubled, and by more than just the existence of marriage.

And here is what this New World Order neophyte said via video.  Oh, and if you think ANY cable news channel will air this, including Faux News…THINK AGAIN!  TIME TO TAKE THE RED PILL!


Sandy Hook bombshell

ANOTHER HOAX EXPOSED…as Alissa Parker, mother of alleged shooting victim Emilie Parker, admitted on June 15th that she photoshopped the infamous family portrait.  From Realities Watch

US Foreign Policy



Taking action

Could action finally be taken against Dannel Malloy and the democrats?

The Hartford Courant is reporting Connecticut’s Elections Enforcement Commission decided Thursday to take legal action against the state Democratic Party over its refusal to answer a May 29 subpoena for papers and other material related to the 2014 re-election campaign of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The subpoena was served as part of the commission’s investigation of a complaint filed late last year by then-state GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. The complaint claimed Democrats illegally circumvented the state’s ban on contractor contributions last year by collecting state contractors’ money in a “federal account” and using it to pay for Malloy propaganda in the form of mass mailings.

Since the time of the report, CT’s Republican party has chosen Derby’s J R Romano to lead them.

EEC attorney, Kevin Ahern, said the left-wing Democratic State Central Committee’s refusal to comply “obstructs the commission’s ability to do its job.”

Later on in the article, the Courant said

This past weekend, The Courant disclosed the existence of a draft of the advisory legal opinion that the Democrats had requested from the FEC. An FEC lawyer emailed it in April to a staff lawyer at the State Elections Enforcement Commission, saying that “we were about to request [that it] be made public [last October] shortly before the … request was withdrawn.”

The draft opinion would have been bad news for the Democrats. Among its findings were that the mailings appeared to be part of an attempt to “avoid” and “bypass” Connecticut’s clean election laws.

Of course the left-wing of CT calls this politics…typical!  WELCOME TO CORRUPTICUT!

The Summer of Super love continues

Well, as the event known as the San Diego Comic Convention or Comic Con as it’s called approaches, Melissa Benoist is making the rounds before her appearance at the event representing Supergirl.

From her Twitter account and those of others she made an appearance today at some event in Southern California signing autographs,  And from this picture below, it was packed.


Benoist was also there to offer up a screening of the pilot of the show, which had been the subject of some controversy…was it leaked or was it a bold CBS move?

A world Premiere only Warners could do!

Either way, Melissa was there to talk to a crowd of mostly girls who were there for said screening…

Such poise

She said on her Twitter…”These girls were amazing and so sweet aaaand I’m pretty sure could kick more butt than me.”

The gang at CBS (from Supergirl.tv) have shown off a special vehicle that is going to be floating around San Diego Comic Con this year:

From a CBS release…

CBS will showcase its brand-new multi-faceted “CBS Mobile Screening Room” from Thursday, July 9 through Saturday, July 11 at Comic-Con® 2015. This 12-passenger pedi-cab, which will provide free rides throughout the Gaslamp district, features oversized monitors displaying rotating trailers and signage from select CBS programs to passengers and pedestrians alike. Network ambassadors, both on and around the on-the-go “screening room,” will distribute several fun Network giveaways.

An artist named 5Red at Deviant Art has done here his take on those “Keep Calm…posters.


Lastly comes a story from the online magazine Movie Pilot which lists Melissa Benoist as a Star to Watch.

With a sense of sunny optimism and a healthy dose of charisma, Melissa Benoist burst onto the scene only a few years ago and began her steady ascent into the spotlight. Her talent and drive were unmistakable when she blew away Ryan Murphy and landed the coveted role of Marley Rose on Glee. While cutting her teeth on her first big part (and quickly getting promoted to series regular), Benoist showed off incredible singing chops and impeccable delivery.

As Kara Zor-El, more commonly known as Supergirl, the young actress will have the chance to embody an iconic character and headline a major primetime series. If the critical success and fan response of The Flash and Arrow are any indicator, this is nothing short of a golden opportunity for the spunky Benoist to show off her power of infectious charm and become a role model for girls everywhere.

She may be a relatively new face on our screens, but Melissa Benoist is already commanding attention with her captivating presence and downright likable attitude. She adds an effervescent energy to every role she takes, and that appeal is only bolstered by impeccable comedic timing.

And as you are about to see from this interview in 2013 on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, the writing is no idle boast.


Danger: Obama-Tied Leftist Group SPLC Puts Prominent Women Birthers On Jihadist Hit List

Pending: Justice And The pResident; Obama Ineligibility Case Still Pending At U.S. Supreme Court

FBI Files: Obama Top Advisor Valerie Jarrett Tied To Obama Mentor Communist Frank Marshall Davis

Developing: US Supreme Court Did Not Deny Judy’s Obama Article II Ineligibility Petition

Video: Fox News Host; Speaking Of Identity Theft; Obama Doesn’t Have A Birth Certificate

Report: Court Collects Emails Of CCP Lead Investigator Working With Arpaio Confidential Informant

The media distracts the masses…AGAIN!

This picture tells the story as well as how I feel about some of my brethren in the corporate media


Quick Hits

Many of these are from News with Views

GOP Leaders Promote Obama’s “Global Governance” Trade Bill








Dylann Roof: The Racist Killer Who Had Black Friends

Something I found on Facebook

This is from Josef Szilagyi at the Game Over New World Order FB page.  And memo to Hollywood…THIS ESPECIALLY MEANS YOU, YOU ZOMBIES!

Progressivism (A.K.A. Cultural Marxism) is a leftist thought process implemented into society via media, academia, politics and entertainment. It desires a world with no traditional families, no religion, no pride, and no identity. It promotes degeneracy, immorality, ugliness, miscegenation, false history and self loathing. Progressivism is societal rot, it eats away at the foundations of a civilisation until it falls in on itself. What is left is the decayed remnants of a once great civilisation, the one time envy of the world and eternal enemy of the progressives.

Progressivism thrives off certain traits unique to the European that work against the best interests of the European. Those traits being empathy and altruism. It promotes out group empathy and out group altruism, and attacks those who practice in group empathy and in group altruism.

An example of this would be the concept that ‘charity begins at home.’ This basically means that you look after your own first and foremost, but progressivism would call this ‘racist’ and ‘discriminatory.’ They believe that charity is for all even if it is damaging to the person or nation being charitable. The empathetic and altruistic nature of the European is manipulated in this scenario, they will part with their money to feed the third world, and will support the foreign aid budget sent to the third world, but have no idea about their own nations needy.

They will naively support immigration from the third world believing that third world people are merely seeking a better life, yet they ignore the consequences for themselves and their own people in the long term. They fall victim to the steering of their emotions by mass media and the progressive agenda. Empathy and Altruism are emotions based on concern and sympathy for others, that is why the progressive left appeal to emotion and rarely use logic based in reality.

‘Progress’ basically means moving forward, advancing, onward. In relation to society, ‘progress’ supposedly means moving society forward, advancing society, or moving society onward. The question has to be therefore, progress to what exactly?

The answer to this question is all around you, the ‘progress’ they seek is not to advance society or Western civilisation as a whole, it is to deconstruct it. To the progessives, Western civilisation is the enemy, they don’t want to advance us they want to destroy us. Can anybody who is not a brainwashed drone say hand on heart that society is better today?

Progressivism is a false term when applied to what progressives say advances society, this is intentional. For them to deconstruct and destroy Western Civilisation they needed to give it a positive term, and ‘progress’ is that term. When somebody thinks of the word progress, they think of a positive rather than a negative and this is capitalised on by the progressives.

Strip away the layers surrounding ‘progressivism’ and you will find Cultural Marxism, an ideology hell bent on the collapse of Western Civilisation. Progressivism is a lie based on hatred, there is nothing positive about it and nothing that benefits us as a society, people or culture by falling for the agenda. The hatred of the progressives is directed at the West and the European people, our culture and traditionalism.

Anybody opposing the anti-Western progressive agenda will be subject to the Alinskyite tactics outlined in ‘Rules for Radicals,’ these are tactics that are used to advance the agenda. It can also be called repressive tolerance which is the brainchild of Herbert Marcuse. In practice it means the toleration of all ideas and views that are in line with the anti-Western narrative, and intolerance for all ideas and views that oppose them.

A good explanation of progressivism is the following:

‘Starting in the 1960s, academics took heightened interest in Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s cultural Marxism. Members of the political class glommed onto the resulting “social justice,” affirmative action, “diversity,” multiculturalism, political correctness, and other malignancies spawned by cultural Marxism. Progressive politicians came to view society as a hodge-podge of racial, ethnic, gender-based, and now also sexual orientation-based groups locked in zero-sum combat with Western whites.

‘Generally speaking, cultural Marxism’s indoctrinees have learned to view morality and knowledge as “constructs” and social and economic power as commodities to be transferred from “oppressor” to “oppressed.” Progressives routinely label minorities as oppressed and anything that benefits minorities as moral.’ – Chuck

Some examples of the Cultural Marxist Progressivism agenda.


This is one tenet of progressivism. They say that having a multiracial society is ‘progress’ and that ‘diversity is our strength.’ Progressives want a ‘post-racial’ society devoid of racial identity. They promote and support mass immigration and miscegenation and desire the day when white Europeans are a minority in once White European homelands. Can anybody who is not an anti-white see how this can possibly be called progress? When you are able to think freely and evaluate the facts, you will see that progressivism is an anti white European agenda. It isn’t about progressing the white European people, it is about destroying them.

Proof of this is seen in the demographic predictions by expert demographers that European nations including Britain, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and others, will be minority European this century. We are anti-European Union and anti EU migration, we fully recognise the problems it brings, however the main issue is the tens upon tens of millions of non-Europeans who have been brought to Europe. This is the primary reason European nations will soon become minority European.


So called modern art and architecture is the result of the hatred of classical Western art and architecture. The progressives produce and promote ugliness in every way possible, it is all about removing the individual away from his cultural heritage. By producing modernist art and architecture they replace the historical Western character of our culture, with so called ‘modern’ and ‘progressive’ monstrosities. The progressives want to move past the historical character of our culture because they hate it, not because they want to advance it. They do this not only by attacking the culture in academia, but also by replacing the cultural expression of the West which was once a prominent feature of our culture.

Sexual Liberation

This tenet of progressivism has resulted in a culture of degeneracy promoted by the entertainment industry, porn industry and media. The sexualisation of our culture has led to a decline in family values and has stigmatised the pursuit of creating a traditional family environment which includes man woman and child. Cultural Marxists thought that if you could free people from what they called ‘sexual oppression’ then you could start the process of deconstructing the West.

The process was started by the pseudo-scientist Sigmund Freud who tried to suggest that sexual oppression was the cause of unhappiness. The sexual revolution, a term coined by Wilhelm Reich, became the manifestation of what Freud had created. The progressives say that ‘sexual liberation’ is freedom from Western morality and religious indoctrination.

Eros and civilisation, written by Herbert Marcuse created an environment in the 60s of ‘free love’ among the baby boomers or counterculture movement. The book is about how the oppression of human sexual instinct is geared towards social control. In a nutshell it suggests that the freedom of sexual desire and the pleasure principle is a means of human liberation from civilisation, ie Western Civilisation which they see a being the capitalist West. The progressives see the family as being part of the capitalist conspiracy to control people and therefore it must be deconstructed.


Homosexuality is part of the ‘sexual liberation’ agenda, however it is also a different kind of strategy. The goal behind the normalising and promotion of homosexuality is to corrupt and distort the natural realities behind the reasons for sex. Sex is primarily about reproduction, the continuation of the species. Without heterosexuality then the species would die out within a generation. Homosexuality and the homosexual agenda is one of the main progessive agendas. They deny at every turn the real reasons behind it and its ultimate goals, and use that term ‘progress’ to brainwash people into believing that support for, and promotion of ‘gay rights’ is good for society.

They say that homosexuality is normal and that it is nobody’s business what two adults get up to. They say ‘love is love’ and that we should all tolerate it. Anybody who doesn’t, and who doesn’t conform to the agenda is an ‘Intolerant homophobic bigot.’ They want children forced into same-sex households to be raised by homosexuals and believe that children should be indoctrinated from the earliest age possible to support the gay agenda. Children are the primary target of the homosexual agenda, as the new generation they are viewed as pivotal in the ‘normalisation’ process.

Another main strategy of the homosexual agenda is to legalise ‘same-sex marriage.’ This is an assault on Western Culture which was once largely based on Christian teachings and values which does not allow same-sex marriage or accept homosexuality as a normal or acceptable practice in the eyes of God. It is not about ‘equality in marriage’ it is about targeting one of the foundations of the West in order to destroy it. In order for the homosexual agenda to ‘progress’ therefore, means a concerted attack upon the religious opposition to it.

Another reason for the promotion of the homosexual agenda, is because the progressives believe that there is no absolute truth or moral standard, no moral absolutism. Anything goes as far as the progressive is concerned, anything that advances the ongoing assault on the West. They will say that nothing is absolute, and therefore we ‘shouldn’t judge.’ Yes the people who scream ‘who are you to judge’ are the most judgemental people you could ever have the misfortune to meet.

An example of moral relativism would be any practice that we in the West consider barbaric such as Female Genital Mutilation, the moral relativist would say that the practice is a moral practice within a certain culture, and therefore we shouldn’t judge.

The educational institutions push moral relativism onto the young and impressionable, telling them that all beliefs and lifestyles are moral and therefore valid, except beliefs that run counter to the narrative of the agenda however. This means that parents are losing the fight to be the moral educators of their children. The progressives believe that in order to create a ‘truly egalitarian and equal society,’ that education should teach (indoctrinate) children with homosexual propaganda.

Homosexuality is also opposed on the basis of the natural requirement and natural intention for man and woman to procreate. The progressive will say that ‘homosexuality can be found in nature,’ but that wouldn’t make it normal or natural. In nature, things have a design and purpose, and the design and purpose of the male and female is to procreate. Attraction and sexual chemistry between male and female therefore is the normal and natural requirement for procreation. Anything else is abnormal and unnatural. Any examples of so called ‘homosexuality in nature’ are merely an act of dominance and not a normal natural sexual act.

Progressives believe that an extreme minority in society who engage in this type of behaviour, should be empowered to dictate to the overwhelming heterosexual majority, who they consider to be a ‘bigoted majority.’

The term ‘homophobia’ was created by George Weinberg, it has become one the main Cultural Marxist buzzwords and along with ‘racist’ has caused untold damage. ‘Homophobia’ suggests a fear of homosexuals and what they say is an illogical heterosexual reaction to them. I would call ‘homophobia’ a natural feeling of utter revulsion for an unnatural behaviour.

Eradication of the Nuclear Family

Progressives see the family as an oppressive unit that pushes racism, sexism, homophobia and fascism onto children. They say that the family is patriarchal, authorative and hierarchical. They believe that after the eradication of the family, they can fill children with the ideas of ‘equality’ and ‘egalitarianism.’ The methods in which they set out to destroy the family are to promote homosexuality, feminism, sexual liberation and a reliance on the state. The role of the father has also been under attack, cut the father out of the family unit and the job is already half done. The family is labeled as a ‘generational chain of oppression.’

No Borders

Progressives believe that there should be no national borders anywhere, they believe in the full and absolute freedom of movement for all people of the world. This in reality means no borders in nations that are majority white European. The desire of the non-European people to come to Europe is vastly greater than the reverse. This belief in no borders is in line with the Communist ‘world without borders’ mantra.

Progressivism is a racist anti-white school of brainwashed thought and hatred. It is the rejection of reality and the rejection of the natural order of things. It wishes to create a society of anarchy that acts as a corrosive force against the West.