Big trouble in little Hartford

Connecticut’s Elections Enforcement Commission has issued subpoenas to the Democratic State Central Committee as it looks into the DSC using money from a federal fund to pay for a mailer benefiting Governor Dannel Malloy’s re-election.

NBC CT (WVIT-30) did an investigation in their Troubleshooters segment on today’s newscasts.  It asks for “any documents and communications dating back to Jan. 1, 2013 relating to how and/or why any of the DSCC’s federal bank accounts were segregated, all “electioneering or get-out-the-vote communications featuring the Governor.”

The subpoena asks for any papers related to meetings held by former Democratic Party Director Jonathan Harris with either Malloy, his campaign manager Jonathan Blair, chief-of-staff Mark Ojakian and former advisor Roy Occhiogrosso, as well as any polls conducted during last year’s election.

The investigation started after a complainst was made by CT State GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola in March 2014.

Labriola said Malloy and the Democrats “made a mess of campaign finance regulations and now they find themselves caught in a tangled web with the subpoenas issued today.  We will continue to monitor our complaint and we have trust in the process.”



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