I have a question to ask Faux News

As do a lot of his supporters.  When it comes to your graphics on polls such as Quinnipiac…WHERE IS RAND PAUL?  Is the neocon propaganda outlet partially run by Saudi Prince Bin Talaal IGNORING the Kentucky Republican sometimes libertarian senator all because of what he has said to their reporters?  Or is it because they hate Rand’s father Ron Paul, who I have not seen on Faux News in years.  Or maybe it’s because Ron and Rand seem to be somewhat on the same page when it comes to ISIS.

The Hamden, CT-based college released a poll today featuring the headline “Five Leaders In 2016 Republican White House Race, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Rubio, Paul Are Only Republicans Even Close To Clinton.” Yet in Fox News’ coverage, Paul apparently didn’t register enough to justify being shown on the broadcast of the poll.

What’s missing from this poll screen grab…or is that WHO?

Paul polled at 7 percent, ahead of (recent turncoat for his support of TPP fast-track) Sen. Ted Cruz who received 6 percent.
The people at the website Rare complained “Instead of mentioning Rand Paul’s competitiveness against Hillary Clinton (Paul and Rubio paired better against the former Secretary of State than any other Republicans), Fox left Paul’s name out to focus on lower-tier performers Donald Trump and (Ohio Governor) John Kasich.”

One can only ask if this is becoming a trend at the controlled opposition outlet…and a dangerous one at that?  Then again when you are a “news” outlet with neocons like Bill Kristol on your panel shows and warmongering oathbreakers like Col Ralph Peters, the trend is there.  And indeed it IS dangerous.


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