She’s number 1!

The buzz surrounding Supergirl is getting as hot as the 4th of July.  And she has a couple of top spots to back up the boast.

Supergirl.TV reports Variety magazine saying star Melissa Benoist is one of the ten stars to watch for the upcoming fall season.  But not just any star, she hits the top of the charts (number one with a bullet you might say, but that comment would be deflected).

The show itself also lands at number one in shows generating the most interest according to Business Insider magazine.

In fact, here is the chart proving it

It outdoes another superhero show Legends of Tomorrow by about 30 percent and by three times over a new project coming from ABC and the legendary Muppets which would be a sort of Muppet Show 2.0.  The numbers were based on downloads and viral videos.  And clearly with over 13 million people seeing the Supergirl trailer and the folks at Entertainment Weekly having said it is on repeat, the chart above is no boast.

And one more important win comes from the TV critics.  In an assessment bound to make people shout like one of SG’s gal pals Mary Marvel HOLY MOLEY, the website is reporting Supergirl is among recipients of the Critics’ Choice Television Awards for most exciting new series. The Broadcast Television Journalists Association, America’s largest TV critics group named eight honorees for this category.  Supergirl and The Muppets get the mention along with six other shows on broadcast and cable TV.

Critics can be a tough crowd, but for 8 shows including two possible family favorites in the above to be honored, might start things going back toward cleaner entertainment.  And the problem over the leak by SG producers of the pilot/episode 1 may be looked at as a stroke of genius.  If producers didn’t have any confidence in the cast and crew and in this project they wouldn’t have sent the pilot or trailers to the critics…sign A-1 of a show or movie being a dud.

There is also the matter of the group to which this blogger supports…The Parents Television Council.  For the most part they have come down and hard on broadcast shows including critical favorites like Law and Order, CSI because of language sex and violence.  Supergirl, if CBS doesn’t put any Kryptonite in the scripts of the writers, could lead a charge where being a superhero can help the family and yet at the same time have awesome special effects and action to keep things going for all ages and groups.

We haven’t hit summer and Supergirl is getting hot (not just because she is a hot superheroine [hotter than Wonder Woman]), and we are still in spring.  And in spring romance is in the air and men like this writer are asking The Spinners 1972 hit musical question “Could it be I’m Falling in Love?”


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