Supergirl WILL be flying

If anything, this summer may be the summer of Supergirl.  CBS during their big fall preview extravaganza in New York said the Melissa Benoist-anchored project will go on the air.  One problem…we have to wait til November (after CBS finishes up their Thursday Night Football airings) to see it.  The show will air on Mondays at 8:00 PM, which will be up against Fox’s dark Batman anthology “Gotham” (which this person has not seen).  I’ll explain the analogy in a moment.

Meanwhile for at least a couple of days the Internet blew up with the first TWO trailers for the show.

The first one, seen below goes over 6:00 and seems to be more chick flick in nature judging by the music.  But for the first time we see Melissa and the crew in action.

This trailer featured a mix of comedy, a bit of action and some drama. And Melissa looks amazing in the suit in action. She plays SG as a positive light in a dark world (explaining my shot at Gotham and its dark tones). But as Kara Danvers she plays it mild mannered, but also sometimes frustrated.  Her sister (Chyler Leigh) plays the supporter part nicely and it’ll be great to see them team-up.

The costume evolution scene was a nice touch of somewhat clean comedy. That first “costume” a sort of 70’s hot pants and 80’s headband hybrid…YIKES!

But then it evolves

AWW…Ain’t she cute with her glasses on?  And those legs…mmm mmm!  ZZ Top anyone?

Almost there.


THE “S” shows up.

By the way, not to spoil it but at 5:46–this happens

SHIRT RIP! I will gladly take that over Lynda Carter’s spin. Let me say to Melissa Benoist…you make a great Supergirl.  So great it’s to the point where I must confess that if I was a few years younger than my 41 years on Earth I would say I would want her for my girlfriend.  Sadly for all us guys out there, she is “off the market.”  The only problem to me is Calista Flockhart who hams it up too much as Cat Grant. She needs to tone it down slightly. but not to Ally McBeal levels.

However, there was one line she said to Kara that seemed to show a bit of wisdom, even if it would seem sarcastic in delivery.

In the scene in her office Cat Grant watches Supergirl make the plane rescue and calls National City’s newest heroine SuperGIRL.Kara, perhaps behaving like a modern-day feminist wonders about the moniker given her by Cat Grant.  That is where Grant delivers one of the signature lines…

“If you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, maybe that is a problem with you!”

BULLSEYE!  I never knew Cat Grant would have a little bit of not just wisdom, but was also a libertarian as well.  You see, libertarians do not think the state helps people.  People need to be their own-self, even though Grant coined the name.  She if after all, owner of a business, a private business owner.  She calls the shots, not the Feds (OK political rant over!)

As I said there was a second trailer put out, and this one was a little more action packed.  You can link to it from

And then just today, a Melissa Benoist interview with Variety magazine was just published. Although I wonder about comparing her to the 1977 hit film “Annie Hall.”

Here is one of the questions that was asked of her…

Do you have any ideas where the show is going creatively?

I have a few ideas. I know generally who the big bad villain is. I know about Supergirl’s relationships. The whole team has given me a lot of freedom to create her as my own.

An interesting response in a good interview.

Another video was put up but then taken down with some behind the scenes action on the show.  Fortunately someone at Superheroine HQ took some stills of the action, including some wire work with our fair heroine…only with an interesting cape…

Now THAT’S a smile Lynda Carter would appreciate.  But notice those things on the 1/10th cape?  Yep, the in-flight cape is all CGI.

And here is one in salute to the woman who played Supergirl in 1984 on the silver screen…and who now is her adopted mom…Helen Slater.

How i wish I could fly with her.  Frank Sinatra anyone?  You know “Come Fly With Me?”

In that Variety interview, Benoist said the cable work was the most intense.

“The wirework for training is mostly core work. It’s mostly ab-centric — the whole area of the body that nobody wants to work out. You have to get strong. You have to carry your whole body weight when you’re up in the air,” she said.

Many people on the web have been commenting on some of the viral videos that have come out.  One person on the Superman Homepage website, Nightbrigade said this about seeing the trailers and recently taken down behind the scenes video

I don’t mind at all if it dips into cheese from time to time. What I’m excited about is that it’s a totally sincere approach to the Superman world that has been sadly missing in our era of cynical reboots. A hero kids can look up to for being a good person! And the fact that it will be a hero for young girls to look up to makes it even more exciting.

Uh, Melissa, any thoughts on that?

My thoughts exactly.

Girl power is back…SUPER girl power that is. And it comes in a very sunny personality and strawberry blonde hair package. Melissa Benoist, even with her modest, sincere spin on Supergirl, is easy on the eyes, America’s new girl-next door and just might send boys hearts soaring “up, up and away!”


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