Your oath or orders?

That is the dilemma facing today’s armed forces especially in the last few presidential regimes. Although soldiers in America have already had to face the dilemma of having to choose between obeying their oath to the Constitution and orders that violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens during Katrina, many Americans are ignorant of what happened. They not only don’t know it happened, they can’t believe it would ever happen in America. From Infowars Nightly News David Knight speaks  to Gary Heavin, Executive Producer & Writer of the upcoming film, Amerigedden, that explores the moral dilemmas that may soon face American soldiers and civilians.  And…ALEX JONES PLAYS THE BAD GUY IN THIS FILM.  For some critics of Jones, it’s art imitating life.

Perhaps it may be time to DISOBEY as John Stossel writes on Townhall.


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