Former Newtown cop lived the “high” life

According to an affidavit, an ex-Newtown policeman spent taxpayer money living a lavish lifestyle.

The Newtown Patch reported former Sergeant Steven Santucci enjoyed luxurious trips including an African safari ($30,000) and spent even more money ($25,000) on cruises during a time when he was allegedly importing and distributing illegal anabolic steroids.

The website said an investigation into an alleged steroid and prescription pill distribution ring resulted in several arrests, including Santucci, a town dispatcher and judicial marshal.

The investigation also reported the charges included spending over $100,000 on lodging expenses. including some at high end hotel chains such as Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons.

An over 100-page affidavit also uncovered over $310,000 in charges on two credit cards Santucci used April 2011 to November 2014.

The paperwork showed the United States Customs and border Protection seized a package in 2012 and again last year meant for Santucci after they were found to contain anabolic steroids.

Authorities also found several global shipments from countries including Poland, Ukraine, China, and Canada were shipped to Santucci’s address.


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