Wolfgang and Dan

Infowars Dan Bidondi travels to Newtown, CT to interview the only man who has the guts to expose Sandy Hook as a major false flag in CT…Wolfgang Halbig…

Halbig maintains the shootings were staged, a cooperative government – community “Capstone” exercise planned years ahead of the December 2012 shooting, for the purpose of banning guns and killing the First Amendment. Halbig claims the incident was a financial boon for Newtown and involved parents moving into the community only between 2009-2011, and all receiving over $200,000 each for their involvement. Halbig’s questions have been returned with silence and contempt; and even gestapo style threat of arrest.

Halbig says many of the details do not add up.

Records show no report of actual shots fired; no social security numbers for the dead students; 16 state troopers who were in position up to an hour before the alleged shootings.  He also said six charities set up days before the shooting.

Halbig also claims the FBI did not log the crime in its 2012 crime report, the tax accessor’s website shows the families got free houses on Christmas day when all government offices were supposed to be closed; no one sued the school or the estate of Nancy Lanza and other claims which authorities thanks to big money bribes have not been allowed to bubble to the surface, not to mention a complicit corporate media which will side with the money elites in government instead of doing its job.

Halbig on April 24th appeared before the Freedom of Information Commission in Hartford.


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