One scandal no one is talking about

And yes for all in the pantsuit mafia, it has to do with your “princess” Hillary Rodham Cankles Clinton!  The blog The Anti-Media is reporting on how she played a role in the destruction of Libya.

In something the corporate media will not report on as the left-wing Nazis in training in said media will breathlessly support her, comes word where in something beyond Benghazi and the emails is how she basically killed off one country in the name of the NWO.

The website reports

Muammar Gaddafi, now deceased former Prime Minister of Libya, ran a dictatorship very much as our allies in Saudi Arabia do. He wasn’t a great guy by any means, but he wasn’t nearly as bad as the Saudis when it comes to human rights. While human rights were used as the excuse given by Hillary Clinton to overthrow his country and assassinate him, this is far from the truth. Gaddafi was an economic threat to the American Empire; and CFR member, Hillary Clinton, knew that intimately. You see, Gaddafi was working on a way to get out from under the Petrodollar hegemony, and the powers that be didn’t like that. He was on the verge of implementing an Africa-wide gold backed currency called the Dinar.

Emphasis…this blogger!

Now was Gaddfi a bad dude?  Yes.  But I guess the turkey that is our bad foreign policy in the lust for oil and gold decided to mafia style rub him out

Deposing Gaddafi, like Mhammed Mesadech in Operation Ajax in 1953 was not about democracy or human rights.  Instead, according to Carey Wedler on Anti-Media, the numbers don’t lie: this so-called democracy, which is now a plutocracy or an oligarchy on the cusp of being a Sharia theocracy overthrows countries for resources and oil, according to the facts, the one thing the government is scared of. Libya was not only rich in resources such as oil it was threatening the unstable Petrodollar.

The blog site basically summed it up with this…

Here’s the plain truth: Hillary Clinton is largely responsible for the complete destruction of an entire nation. 50,000 or more people have died thanks to what’s been dubbed “Hillary’s War” in Libya.

Back to Benghazi a bit.  Here is a video Anti-Media has posted about what you are not being told, even by Fox News!

And as a result of all this, the WESTERN CREATED ISIS HAS METASTASIZED!

From Ben Swann, one of the few REAL journalists we have left in the sick and getting sicker country…

“Now, The Washington Times is reporting that former US-backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group leader Abdelhakim Belhadj has joined ISIS in an effort to lead a beefing-up of the terror group’s presence in Libya. ISIS has been attempting to spread its influence into Libya, beginning in late 2014 when ISIS occupied the Libyan city of Derna and began training fighters there. The Washington Times notes that ISIS’ strategy for expansion includes the incorporation of existing jihadist groups into a global caliphate, with the integration of Belhadj’s reported Libyan ISIS franchise falling in line with that plan.”

Again, emphasis this blogger.

These Al-Qaeda (or Al-CIA-DA) affiliated “rebels” were openly supported by Hillary and the US while fighting Gaddafi, though bad a dude he is or was.

But yet the sheeple of this country, left-wingers, elite democratic billionaires and the Hollywood types want HER at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  I MAY AS WELL MOVE TO BELIZE!


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