Buchanan schools Hannity

Call it anti-Semitic or whatever crap you want to say about this, but PATRICK J BUCHANAN SCHOOLS NEOCON SEAN HANNITY.

The 1988 GOP presidential candidate, who was thrown under the bus by the Skull and Bones loving Bush dynasty, pointed out that former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in power for eight years and “did nothing” to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, as Fox loves to (wrongly) quote him as threatening.

This is when PAWN VANNITY THE LONG ISLAND ICED TEA-O-CON started to lose himself. The former “Crossfire” host however continued, undeterred.

BUCHANAN: Are we going to be frightened by words from some character in Iran? …Listen to the American head of intelligence. He says Iran does not have a bomb program as of 2013. Secondly, if they start building a bomb, we will know it. Third, Iran has made some concessions, they’re not enough, it makes them less able to get to a bomb…

…Your friend Bibi’s been talking about Iran getting a bomb since 1992. In 2006, he said they’ll be building 25 bombs by the end of the decade. Are they? No.

Buchanan also explained U.S. and Iranian interests are allied to some extent.

BUCHANAN: In Iraq, Iran is fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda. In Syria, they’re fighting ISIS on behalf of Assad. In Yemen, they’re not involved there.

…Sean, they’re fighting our enemies. I’d rather have Iranians fighting in Tikrit and dying than American kids there.

But then Buchanan goes hardcore RON PAUL on Hannity by saying “The reason Iran is gonna be a power in the gulf is because your president, George W. Bush, invaded Iraq and turned it into an ally of Iran.”

Hannity tried to blame King Obama/Soetoro,  but Buchanan wasn’t having any of it.  And perhaps had Pawn Vanity thinking “this guy, one of many whom I idolized is now turning on me?  I CAN’T HAVE THIS!”  YOU WILL DEAL WITH IT AND LOVE IT, CO-DESTROYER OF RADIO!

BUCHANAN: Sean, the reason we’re in this position is because Saddam Hussein, a thug, was overthrown, his state was destroyed, his army was broken up. Elections were held by Bush’s democracy crusade and the Shia won and we lost Iraq!

Buchanan finished off Hannity by making him and to an extent BOO-BOO Netanyahu look like cowards.  Here is where some of my friends put on the anti-Semite label.

BUCHANAN: I’m not scared of Iran, for God’s sakes. They don’t have an atomic bomb. …Bibi’s sitting on 200 atom bombs and he’s fretting over Iran, which hasn’t even produced weapons grade uranium? The United States could finish off Iran in an afternoon. What are you frightened of, Sean? …I think you’re hysterical, Sean.


Is it any wonder why the neocons in 1988 threw Patrick J under the bus! ANYONE WHO STILL LISTENS TO PAWN VANITY IS FAR BEYOND NAIVE.


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