Sandy Hook “truther” wants an explanation

Wolfgang Halbig, a former teacher, law enforcement, and current national school safety assessment & emergency management consultant, appeared in Hartford to find out why today’s Freedom of Information hearing, which was filed for 19 months ago, was postponed and to reschedule a new hearing with the claim officials were “out of state” when one was actually riding in an anti-second amendment bike rally.

The state FOI Commission was supposed to conduct a hearing in response to the appeal brought by Halbig over a year and a half ago claiming violations of the CT Freedom of Information Act according to Chapter 14 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Halbig maintains respondents have not answered simple questions pertaining to the December 2012 Sandy Hook incident.

In the following 38-minute video below, Halbig talks to April Watters of Mert Mefla Media, an alternative media outlet with no ties to corporate media outlets which will accept what Sandy Hook officials and state take as gospel on the school shooting.

Halbig maintains the shootings were a staged cooperative government event meant for the purpose of banning commonly-used firearms and limiting free speech.

In a new development, Halbig claims the students and staff of Sandy Hook school were working in deplorable conditions, including high levels of lead in the paint, dirt and PCB contamination.

Halbig claims the shooting was a financial bonanza for the Newtown community and all involved parents moving into the community only between 2009-2011, and all receiving over $200,000 each for their involvement in the exercise.

Halbig’s questions to Newtown are returned with silence, contempt and even a threat of arrest by the corrupt Connecticut State police.


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