Memo to Cruz…

YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE.  Just listen up for this from Commander Charles Kerchner.

Obama got away with it (with an enabling, anti-constitutional, left-leaning, major-media, mainstream press) and now many Republicans wish to try it with constitutionally ineligible candidates like Ted Cruz.  We are a Republic not a Democracy.  We need to live up to our Constitution and the Rule of Law.  No matter how much you may like Cruz’s politics, he is NOT constitutionally eligible.  He was born in Canada to a non-U.S. Citizen, foreign-national, Cuban father.Being born in the USA is a “necessary” but “not sufficient” part of being a “natural born Citizen” to constitutional standards.  Cruz is clearly not one. Being simply a basic “Citizen at Birth” gained via statutory laws and acts of Congress does not cut it.

Just who DOES qualify?  SEE HERE.

When our founders wrote the Constitution in 1787, a person born in a foreign nation to a foreign national father would not even be a basic Citizen, let alone a natural born Citizen.  This is based on the Law of Nations by Emerich de Vattel.

And in news developing which you will not see in the corporate mediaDid Ted Cruz get Cuban citizenship via his father when Ted was born? See Cuban constitution…YES APPARENTLY CUBA HAS A CONSTITUTION.

And further about eligibility…and Natural Born Citizen

The Naturalization Act of 1790 stated “the children of …citizens… (plural) of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizen” 2 citizen parents….not 1 parent, not just born here of non-citizens, but TWO citizen parents.

In other words, if two US born parents, a mom and dad are in say Japan and give birth to a child or children the child or children are considered to be natural born citizens.

Would I qualify for POTUS?  Yes I would.  Mom was born here, dad was born here.  They gave birth to me in Greenwich in 1974.  Thus I am a natural born citizen.


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