US Army to do psyop training.

If you have never heard of Realistic Medical Training from your favorite puppet media outlet, you will now.  On today’s program, Alex Jones said RMT is coming to seven states, including Texas and Utah, described by the government as “hostile.”

A now declassified paper from US Army Special Operations Command says those states will have to deal with RMT including border state like Arizona and California.

Multiple branches of the US military, including Green Berets, will take part in an eight-week long exercise, which may result in officials say might be “increased aircraft in the area at night.”

On page 2 of the report Spec Ops said “The Commander of United States Army Special Operation Command (USASOC) seeks a written invitation and approval from local officials to conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) within their jurisdictions for joint military exercise, JADE HELM 15.”

The 12-page report said Jade Helm will be conducted in the seven Southwestern states, with Texas being especially chosen for its “historically supportive… efforts to prepare our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors to fight the enemies of the United States.”

It also said over 1,200 Texas soldiers will take part in RMT.  And it could affect cities there including College Station, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria.

Other alternative media sites including The Common Sense Show and DC Clothesline have been reporting on this over the last few days.  The corporate media will not because of the influence of Operation Mockingbird, which is the media working in tandem with the CIA to censor news stories for broadcast.

Infowars said, “multiple Army training manuals and studies in the past have specifically targeted such states due to concerns over the growing influence of right-leaning ideologies and groups, such as the ‘Tea Party’ ”

Jones and Infowars correspondent former Army officer Joe Biggs talked about JADE HELM 15 as seen in the following video…

The exercises are expected to take place between July and September of 2015


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