Dual Citizenship

Like me or not I am a full supporter of the US Constitution and what is stands for.  And that includes having be a dual citizen (like Obama/Soetoro’s Kenyan ties) illegal.

And yes this applies to Israel as well.  From a Facebook dedicated to dealing with the New World Order comes this image…

Now some of these names are out of office like leftist Gabby Giffords (anti-2nd Amendment even though she and her husband OWN GUNS), and neocon Eric Cantor (now working where DESERVES TO BE…a lobbying firm) and of course globalist left-wing Keynesian economist Barney Frank, Anthony Weiner (DON’T MAKE ME GO THERE!) and Internet censoring czar Joe Lieberman (who left via retirement).  But notice how many of these names…ARE DEMOCRATS.

And this loyalty could also be to…THE ILLUMINATI.

So perhaps those people who scream anti-Semite or conspiracy theory at libertarian and REAL conservatives like this blogger saying if you are against Israel you are a liberal need to have their heads readjusted.  Stop reading the controlled media…AND START THINKING FOR YOURSELF!


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