Drama returns to WJLP

From the Facebook of MeTV’s WJLP 3.10 comes the following announcement…at Midnight the FCC is forcing the station to move from channel 3.1 to channel 33.1 on an interim basis.  It seems to this blogger Meredith and CBS/Viacom (owners of WFSB Hartfrod and KYW Philadelphia respectively) have lawyered up and ponied up to the FCC (which should be out of business) to force the move of WJLP from 3.1 to the less than desirable 33.1. Station officials say to those picking up the station on antenna will have to re-scan channels to continue watching Me-TV on 33.1 and Justice Network on 33.2. Those on cable and satellite services like Comcast, Verizon and Frontier (ex-UVerse) WILL NOT be affected.


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