States rights or homosexual marriage?

That’s the dilemma Brother Nathanael tries to resolve…but he puts the source of the problem at…THE ZIONIST JEWRY!

Then again, as far as this blogger and Devvy Kidd go…THE SUPREME COURT SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!  But that is unlikely to happen…AND IT’S YOUR FAULT, STUPID AMERICANS!

Dozens of activist federal judges across this country should have been impeached years ago. Of course, it won’t happen because the American people just reelected 90% of the same liars, thieves and cowards who have allowed judicial tyranny to flourish in this country for decades. The U.S. Congress is a body of gutless cowards who pay more attention to making political speeches during hearings (Benghazi-gate) than paying attention to the rotten federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.


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