World War III

It seems to Brother Nathanael and this blogger it’s not a matter of if WWIII will happen but when.  And you can always bet the Zionists and the neocons who support them will gladly take it and the population control that will come with it!

Brother Nate apparently the media and the neocons who give them the talking points think Putin is the enemy.  And that especially went this week for that loser Glenn Beck, especially in that murder mystery over opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

And I guess the way our US Police are trained is making things even worse.  The same goes for Spain’s and England’s police forces.  Why are they going to Israel, violating any possible government laws, including the U.S. Logan Act, which Boehner may have violated by allowing war provocateur Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress?

And to you the sheeple who support either war party…



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