New Britain resident takes on Sandy Hook fraud

A woman from New Britain spoke this week before a state committee on safety training and turned it into her personal crusade to take on the alleged fraud about the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The website DC Clothesline reports Maureen Crowley spoke at a public hearing of the Public Safety and Security Committee on “SB 1011: An Act Concerning the Training of Security Personnel.”

During her testimony, carried on CT-N, The Connecticut Network, which airs programs related to state government, Crowley attacked media coverage.

“I was, as some of you here are now, I believed every word out of [CNN anchor] Anderson Cooper’s mouth that day. But once the persecution of Wolfgang Halbig began, I wanted to ask why the Newtown Police would send law enforcement into his home in Florida if they did not have something to hide” Crowley said according to a transcript DC Clothesline provided.

Later in her testuimony, Crowley encouraged the committee to watch a video,  “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.”  She said it was zero speculation. well thought-out, and fact based.

Timothy Larson, chairman of the PSSC apparently tired of Crowley’s concerns, interrupted her and ordered her to wrap things up, but she continued on blasting authorities and their actions in the aftermath of the attacks.

“I hope you’ll remember my words today, unlike the ten members of the Connecticut State Police who could not remember how they entered the non-commissioned, non-operating Sandy Hook Elementary School that day! You think broken glass would be memorable, at a school that boasted 34 classrooms when it was K through 5, but no mass evacuation captured on a single police dash cam” Crowley said.

Of the responses below the article one commenter named Michael said “There is only one word to describe the reluctance of people to speak up about the truth of an obvious hoax and that word is fear. Fear of a government that clearly wants people to be afraid of it and not speak up against any action the government takes.”

A video of Crowley’s testimony to the commission is available below…


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