A Sandy Hook bombshell

On the Alex Jones Show yesterday, Wolfgang Halbig, the only person who says the deadly December 2012 gun attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax, talked about his ongoing battle to get to the truth.

At about seven minutes into the video, Jones displayed all the reasons behind government and corrupt authority attacks on not just him, but Halbig as well. And Halbig is not the type of conspiracy theorist the government and their cronies in the media want you to believe.

Halbig is an over 20-year veteran of school safety having worked in school systems in Florida.  He talked to Jones about how he spoke to over 200 people at a recent meeting in Tampa  with the fear something like Sandy Hook could happen in the area.

Halbig also took Sandy Hook, Newtown and Connecticut law officials to task for their lack of action and disregard for the truth while he is asking questions.

“Two years and they’re refusing to answer my questions,” Halbig said.

But, at nearly nine minutes into the video, Halbig dropped what can only be described as a bombshell.

Halbig talked about how some people from Newtown are anonymously sending him information about how Sandy Hook was a false flag attack.

“We now have documents that will without a doubt show that that school did not exist. It was not in operation,” Halbig said.

Jones warned Halbig to get that information out as soon as possible, or else he could end up dead, with the claim by police Halbig killed himself, when in reality it would be a government-run operation to keep citizens in fear and tyranny.  The claim was refuted by Halbig who after a recent doctor’s visit was found to be content and nowhere near suicidal.

Halbig also told Jones how his attorney in Orlando filed a lawsuit and how a judge has let them move forward with their work in pursuit of the truth.

“She granted me ten subpoenas that we issued two weeks ago for discovery information. Alex we are on the move, ” Halbig said enthusiastically.


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