Two big birther stories

Last night on Blog Talk Radio’s Andrea Shea King Show, the publisher of the Post and Email blog, spoke about issues related to the so-called birther movement as well as the problems of a lackadaisical government.

Sharon Rondeau said how she believes the media and Congress have been corrupted by outside sources, namely power elites such as George Soros and Zbigniew Brzenski.

During the last half hour of the program retired Naval Commander Charles Kerchner called in.

But while this was going on, Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File last night used sarcasm in a segment on HIllary CLinton’s email problems. When discussing with host Megyn Kelly, Fox News digital guru Chris Stirewalt, said “(Hilary)was using the private email account to send those chain e-mails about OBAMA BEING BORN IN KENYA. Hahahahaha.”

See below…

Meanwhile, someone posted the following at the otherwise left-wing Chicago Tribune…

And then on Jeopardy! just tonight came a Final Jeopardy about Obama’s alleged birth date (1961) and the then occupant of the White House at the time.  None of the three contestants came up with the correct question of “Who was (John F.) Kennedy?”


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