Battling Smart Meters

Journalist and activist Devvy Kidd has been writing about her battle with Smart Meters, which measure electricity and take away freedoms.  In her emails to subscribers, she talks about one couple’s war with them…

As most of my regular readers know, I have been involved in the fight against ‘smart’ meters for the past 3 years. It was my petition filed by my dear friend and our attorney, the late Tommy Cryer that started the war here in Texas.

Shortly after filing the petition, I was so very fortunate to meet a lady who has become a dear, dear friend, Thelma Taromina. We have worked closely together these past years and are getting close to the end of the legal fight: getting our public hearing.

This affects everyone in the U.S. because those meters are silent killers. Our fight here in Texas is going to break them.

Below is an email sent out today from Thelma’s husband. I could barely read it because it breaks my heart. But, please read it. I’m asking you to help us in this final phase of our legal battle. I don’t and haven’t ask for much over the past 24 years, but we really need your help.

And here is that email…

February 27, 2015

Yes it’s me!

I have been a little busy taking care of Thelma, my wife and best friend of 35 years, trying to make her final days as comfortable as I possible can. It has been a tough 7 months since Thelma was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I have been grateful for these past few months, especially because the doctors told us back in July that she would only have about 3 to 6 months to live!  I Thank God that we were fortunate enough to make our 35th wedding anniversary, which was Christmas Eve!  Again, Thank You GOD!

For those of you who personally know Thelma, you know that she is a tenacious fighter at every thing she takes on, and that includes Cancer!  Unfortunately Cancer is going to beat her.

As most of you are aware, one of her biggest fights that she has been fighting (next to the Cancer) is the fight against the Smart Meters. Thelma and Devvy Kidd have been spearheading this fight for years here in Texas. For those of you who were fortunate enough to get rid of your Smart Meters you can Thank Thelma as she led the fight for this and won Thank you Thelma.

That being said, Devvy Kidd and Thelma have one more battle in this fight, and that battle is to get a full public hearing to get rid of the Smart Meters once and for all!  It will be during, and because of this hearing that the general public in Texas and all around the country will learn the dangers that the Smart Meters present not only to our freedom and liberties, but also to our health as well!  Of course the ultimate goal is to get these damned meters banned entirely in Texas (and hence in the entire country).

I intend to continue working with Devvy Kidd on Thelma’s behalf as long as possible because this was Thelma’s wish and dream. That being said there is only one stumbling block left and that is my reason for writing you today.  Right up until today Thelma has been working on trying to raise the funds to cover the legal fees so that we can continue this fight and get our full public hearing.

If it is the last thing I ever do it will be to assist Devvy Kidd in getting the hearing and finalize Thelma’s dream!  I wish that you each could know how much time and effort Thelma has put into this fight, no to mention the hours and hours that she spent researching everything she could about the Smart Meters to make sure that we did not look like fools with the arguments we used.

So the bottom line is this; We need MONEY. LOTS and LOTS OF MONEY to see this fight to the end, How Much You Ask?  What ever it takes to beat these SOBs. Please help by donating as much as you possibly can!

I am not going to do like most organizations do and ask for a specific amount. We will gladly accept whatever you feel you can afford if there happens to a millionaire or two out there we would be glad to accept any donation you could make also.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONLINE. ( – see ‘smart’ meter box)

Once you are on Devvy’s Page, scroll down and you will see the “PayPal” Button.  OR MAIL A CHECK MADE OUT TO SMART METER LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, to PO Box 840873, Houston, TX 77284-0873 OR CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION: 832-282-9832 or

Please remember and understand that if we beat Smart Meter’s in Texas they cannot finish the grid and we will all be much better off for it Health and Privacy wise. If you are not interested enough to do this for yourself, then PLEASE do it for you children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, or your great-great grandchildren! Please help me keep this fight going on behalf of Thelma.

I have one additional request Thelma wanted to have one more gathering before she left us and has been, up until today, trying to find a venue that would hold up to at least 500 people or more but to no avail. Although she may not be here to see it I would like to still do it on her behalf. So if any one knows of a facility that would accommodate such a get together would you please contact me preferably in the Houston area but not necessarily limited to Houston.

Thank you
Nick T


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