The last “Break”

Abby Martin, RT’s resident info-warrior princess hosts the final edition of Breaking The Set.

Here, Martin, discusses the power of grassroots activism in getting the FCC to uphold net neutrality (which is anything but if you ask me Abby!). Abby then speaks with Eugene Puryear, Organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, about effective activism as it relates to issues from combating police brutality to taking on prison reform. Abby then speaks with BTS producer, Anya Parampil, about the best moments of the show. Abby then features a montage of some of her favorite monologues and guest appearances on the show. Abby concludes the final episode by explaining why BTS has been such an important part of her life and why we should never stop Breaking the Set.

Where does Abby Martin go next?  Only she knows.


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