Before anyone heaps praise on Giuliani

You may want to read this from Devvy Kidd in 2007.  In no uncertain terms, the Texas-based liberty activist take the former New York City Mayor to task for some of his transgressions.

As I covered in my December 18, 2006, column, the unseen hand the gullible public never sees, but who control and direct politics in this country, went gutter trolling when they let the first presidential contenders loose with top billing going to serial adulterer, Rudy Rasputin Giuliani. His claim to fame, besides marrying his second cousin and frequently dressing in drag, is 911. Other than his alleged leadership on that day and the weeks following, few outside the legal community knew anything about him before he became mayor and since he left office. Rudy Rasputin claims to be Catholic, but he can’t be other than in his own mind because he’s pro-sodomy and pro-abortion. He is pro-illegals and has no problem with this massive invasion destroying our country. Regardless of his current spin, Giuliani has always worked towards nullifying the Second Amendment.

And as a truther, much to the chagrin of neocons out there, Kidd thinks Giuliani should be on trial for 9/11

Those who have read the thoroughly researched work, Crossing the Rubicon, by Michael Ruppert, fully understand that Rudy Rasputin should be put under oath in front of a grand jury regarding the events of 911. One doesn’t have to agree 100% with Ruppert’s take on peak oil, but his research on 911 and the drug money moving through Wall Street banks is backed up by source reference material and some 900 foot notes to verify what he presents in his book. There are links below this column that are important. My columns always contain these links so that anyone reading my columns will be able to determine where I got information/data and do further research for themselves.

The story has to do with the Anthrax attacks in Florida nearly month after the attack on this country.

Robert Stevens died from anthrax on October 4, 2001. Stevens was a photo editor for The Sun, a supermarket tabloid housed in the AMI office building in Florida. According to media reports, the Florida anthrax letters carried a postal paper trail showing it was sent to the National Enquirer at it’s former address, but then got forwarded to the American Media, Inc., office in Boca Raton. The AMI offices housed both the National Enquirer and The Sun. The question arises: who would wish harm to this photo editor? Well, it seems that the National Enquirer had run photos of George Bush’s daughter, Jenna, falling down drunk. Four to six months before 911, these tabloids were having a field day with publishing photos of Bush’s daughters and their drunken escapades; papa Bush wasn’t too happy. Of course, all that stopped with the anthrax attacks.

I have already done extensive writing about Enron, Thomas White, 911 and anthrax; see links below. Here is more information up for consideration from a friend of mine in California:

“About a week prior to Thomas E. (Enron) White leaving the position as Army Secretary, one David Rustine buys the American Media building in Florida, the former headquarters of the National Enquirer also in Florida, which sustained an Anthrax attack. I contend that White in his position of Army Secretary could have kept the American Media anthrax laden building under “control”, but once Rustine bought it, he could then safety leave his Army position.

“Rustine bought it in title under his firm, Crown Co. Crown in turn was bought subsequently by another of his firms, Bio-ONE. Coincidentally, which has to be the biggest stretch in the history of mankind, in 2004 Giuliani forms a company with the SAME name (though different company). Thereafter, Rudy announces to the universe, that he wants to move facilities into the former American Media building, but has to first decontaminate it, i.e., destroy the anthrax, or more apropos, in context, the evidence.

“What is so important here, is that anthrax has unique DNA, the analysis from there could readily prove, for example, it came from the ARMY’s (remember White was then Secretary of Army) weaponized strain. However, a party who owned a box of photographs which was thought to harbor Anthrax too, would not allow it to be decontaminated. What did Rudy do? He canceled the deal. In truth therefore, of all the hundreds of thousands of buildings in America to lease, he picked out the only one sealed off because of anthrax, and then changed his mind about leasing it, when he could not access ALL of the anthrax.

“That is the raw truth and facts. Why? Because as a clear head would deduce, he could not destroy ALL of the evidence. Think about it…The biggest question is why would Rudy be so interested in destroying all the evidence? Rudy had to be compromised, and certain powers that be, needed his clout and image to trump even the FBI, when in truth it was given in effect sedatives by much higher ups, which goes all the way to the White House, I contend.

“This past Monday, the American Media building in Boca Raton, was given a green-light regarding anthrax. Two days after, Rudy on Larry King, announces his Presidential ambitions. I contend he was holding back, fearing complicity in tracing the DNA of the anthrax to the Army. Who completed the work on the American Media building? A company named Marcor. From Marcor’s web site let me quote, and I hope your socks are on tight, as this might knock your socks off. It stated: “Marcor was the first contractor to arrive for the 9/11 World Trade Center forensic recovery effort at Fresh Kill Landfill, and was the last to leave the scene. Marcor worked closely with the New York City police department…” Marcor was obviously primed and ready, as the first on the scene, and by WHO?

“Rudy was the mayor of New York, of course, then. Too, the former police commissioner was Bernard Kerik, who has been a consultant to Giuliani Partners, which Rudy is the CEO. What are the odds that Marcor, out of hundreds of thousands of contractors, would be the first and last on the scene of 9/11, and ALSO be the firm that would destroy all of the anthrax evidence in the American Media building? Remember, Rudy pulled out of leasing the American Media building, when, by an acknowledgment of his company attorney, he could not access all of the anthrax, in particular, that which was in the boxes of photographs. David Rustine (building owner) in the death of the former photo editor by anthrax of the Enquirer, could be charged easily I believe, in the destruction of evidence, as an accessory after the fact of Murder 1.

“White, was a brilliant planner, and won several awards for the planning in Gulf War I (he was a Brigadier General then, and he and Cheney, who I also believe is at the epicenter of all of this, accordingly, go way back). After White became Army Secretary, 3 1/2 months thereafter came 9/11 and anthrax. The anthrax employed is thought by many, including initially the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to be the weaponized version of the Ames strain, which cost some 6 million dollars per gram, which only the military could afford. Rudy was employed, I contend, to kill the anthrax evidence in Florida, as such DNA, could prove it was from the Army, which thereupon could lead to White, and then to Cheney. This was deja vu in his conspiring to destroy evidence as it were in New York. The significance is that such implicates White, with Cheney, as with Libby, behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

Basically, Devvy would I think in an upcoming column at News with Views call Giuliani a hypocrite, as this blogger does.


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