As the Hollywood elite meet in their annual love fest

Mark Dice would like to remind all of you what Hollywood IS REALLY ABOUT

From his Facebook page

And the Oscar for the most realistic representation of the City of Broken Dreams goes to….the prankster who who built this statue and placed it on Hollywood Blvd. Yes, it’s an Oscar statue snorting some coke in order to bring awareness to the dark underbelly of Hollywood.


And, Dice can sort of vouch for the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah that is Southern California.

I was just in Beverly Hills yesterday for a meeting and it was like being on the set of the Walking Dead, only the zombies wore expensive clothes and jewelry, and parking for lunch cost me $17.00!!!

And if it isn’t kissing the ass of Obama and the communist left, it’s also kissing the war mongering neocons like with American Sniper and their war porn.

Hollywood is not a libertarian or constitutionalist paradise!


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