An observation

On her Facebook page, Fox News’s token semi-progressive Greta Van Susteren opined…

Something is seriously wrong with the New York Times…21 Christians beheaded by ISIS in Libya and it is NOT page A1 in my New York Times edition — but buried on page A6. How could the beheading of 21 Christians not be front page?

Well this blogger is a student at a journalism course at a local college…and the required reading is said paper.  On A1 was the story of the terror attacks in Denmark which this student (self-taught) of new journalism would call a false flag.  And indeed the story of Christians targeted on A6

Now credit must be given to NBC News for at least allowing in their A block the story of the 21 Coptic Christians being killed in Egypt, and mentioning albeit translated the words of Pope Francis when he said in Spanish the Christians were killed because they were saying “Jesus help me.”

And though the story was “buried” as Van Susteren put it, in the very first paragraph, the word Christian was said.

Meanwhile, at Infowars, Paul Joseph Watson compares and contrasts the stories of terror attacks in Denmark and in Chapel Hill, NC.

He writes below a video…

Unless you’re a politically correct-obsessed moron, there’s no comparison between the Chapel Hill murders and the terror attack in Copenhagen.

And if I may add this compare and contrast from a Facebook page…

And might I also add the global elites who support Obama/Soetoro and any other political puppet.


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