CT worst state for job climate

A recent Gallup poll came out (via Breitbart), and Connecticut ranks DEAD LAST when it comes to job creation.

The poll’s annual ranking of state job markets for the last year found North Dakota has continued as the state with the best hiring climate.  Connecticut, has “consistently ranked in the bottom tier for job creation, and its position at the very bottom in 2014, along with continued low ratings of three other New England states (Maine. Vermont and Rhode Island) and neighboring New York” according to Gallup.

The results show Alaska had a high job creation rate than Connecticut

“In North Dakota, 48% of workers in 2014 said their employer is hiring and 12% said their employer is letting workers go, resulting in a +36 Job Creation Index score. By contrast, Connecticut’s +16 index score reflects 33% of workers saying their employer is hiring and 17% letting go”, the poll said.

The reason behind North Dakota’s success comes down to one word…oil.

“North Dakota maintained its prized position in 2014 as the state where workers sense the most hiring momentum, no doubt reflecting the many economic benefits it is enjoying from its recent emergence as a major oil producer” Gallup reports

This is the first time the poll has seen positive net hiring scores in all 50 states, despite Connecticut’s +16.

Breitbart points out, but it could be thought of as blaming one party (or is it two?) as the reason for why Connecticut is in the doldrums it’s in.

Democrat and Working Families Party Gov. Dannel Malloy was re-elected to a second term as governor last November, and both chambers of the Connecticut legislature are Democrat-led. Additionally, all member of the Connecticut congressional delegation are Democrats.

Connecticut’s state senate Democrats cite as among their 2014 accomplishments to promote job growth the funding of workforce development, i.e., an additional $10 million taxpayer funding given as subsidies to businesses to hire workers, and developing “social benefit corporations,” an “alternative model to traditional corporations who are obligated to make ‘profit’ their only mission.”

But according to Gallup at least, those plans have resulted in poor job growth and people leaving the state.


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