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1979 Newspaper Article By Valerie Jarrett’s Father-In-Law Reveals Start Of Muslim Purchase Of U.S. Presidency

Petition for Certiorari filed in U.S. Supreme Court to Give Meaning to Natural Born Citizen Clause

Thankfully kicked out of office last year when he lost his primary and now a Wall Street Investment honcho…NOT TO MY SURPRISE…CRONY SCUM!

Eric Cantor: ‘Disservice’ for GOP to focus on Obamacare and Illegal Immigration

Stunning federal corruption case moving forward with almost no media attention

9/11 Pilots for Truth: 9/11: INTERCEPTED – Now Remastered in High Definition

All their presentations to date – the government’s story is a lie

Two Lawyers Make the Case for RICO Charges Against JPMorgan Execs

FBI Bypasses FISA Court Writes Own Search Warrants

500 more dead sea lions; Fukushima radiation continues to spread across ocean

Obama Indemnifies Govt Contractors From Damages Arising from Importing Ebola to US


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