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Doctors Confessing to Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer to Make Money

Farid Fata: Lebanese Cancer Doc Defrauded Medicare, Told Patients w No Cancer They Had it, Gave ‘Em Chemo; Used Foreign Alien Muslim Docs w No License

Sen. Jeff Sessions: McCaul Bill Breaks Republican Promise to Voters on Immigration

California newspaper office vandalized over use of ‘illegal’ immigrant label…DON’T THESE SPICS KNOW ABOUT FREEDOM OF THE PRESS?!  OH, I FORGOT THEY VOTE FOR OBAMA AND THE NEOCONS!

Leaked Documents Outline Obama’s Illegal Alien Invasion Rules

RING KISSER OF NEOCONS LIKE BILL KRISTOL…McConnell: American People ‘Want Things Done in the Political Center’

Do You Pay Rent To Blackstone: This Is Where Wall Street Is America’s Landlord

Here They Go Again—-Subprime Delinquencies Rising In Autoland

RETAIL EARTHQUAKE: All these big-name stores closing

Dr. Jim Willie – The Coming End – The Final Chapter – It Cannot Be Stopped

GMO Farmer: ‘I Won’t Eat My Own Crops’

HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change is Bunk

Made in USA Video Channel Announcement

Christie Administration Proposes More Gun Control For New Jersey

This USB wall charger secretly logs keystrokes from Microsoft wireless keyboards nearby

Elites’ Eugenics & Depopulation Agenda Accelerating At A Terrifying Pace


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