Just what REALLY is the state of the union

Depending on who you ask for the truth…it really is TOTALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL BY DESIGN

And it starts with the millionaires club called Congress…This highbrow and treasonous group of actors, playing their roles to appease their lobbyist friends and corporate tycoons clearly masquerades as a democracy for a majority of citizens they have no tangible real world relationship with. Swindling public opinion and deceiving the American people has become the modus operandi on the Hill. Its time the Criminals operating our democracy face the will of the American People so that their deplorable high and mighty abuse of our core values can be held accountable in the light of liberty.

Of course half of them are millionaires and lawyers.  Which leads me to ask why isn’t anyone talking about the real 13th Amendment to the Constitution? Is it a CONSPIRACY THEORY?

Now there are responses to the address other than that of Iowa Senator Joni Ernst.  Such as Rand Paul.

Libertarian Gary Johnson posted on his Facebook…

The President’s speech tonight can be summed up pretty simply: He told us that the state of the union is good and that he wants to double-down on the big government, big debt policies that he says are working. That is just wrong in too many ways to list.

Redistributing wealth and designating winners and losers have for too long been the hallmarks of American politics — regardless of which party is in power. Now, President Obama wants to take them to new heights.

The U.S. has one of the most punitive, anti-growth tax codes in the industrialized world, and the President wants to make it more punitive. We have a tax code that is absurdly complex, and he wants to make it more complex. Instead of raising capital gains taxes and passing out tax credits like candy, real progress would be to eliminate all income taxes and adopt a system that rewards production, savings and investment.

Government subsidies and market distortions have produced college costs and student loan burdens that threaten a generation of graduates. Now we have a proposal to make community college somehow magically ‘free’, as though no one is going to have to pay for it. Nowhere do we see a plan to allow innovation, the free market and competition to truly make education affordable.

These are just a couple of examples of the misguided theme that piling more government interference on the marketplace is the answer to every challenge. We’ve tried that for a few decades now, and despite the President’s claims to the contrary, the result is not good.”

And one thing not even remotely discussed…OBAMA AND HIS BACKING OF THE CIA CREATION AL-QAEDA.  Wathc as Alex Jones and WND’s Jerome Corsi discuss his latest report in which he lays out how the Kenyan-born illegal aliens has funded Al-Qaeda.


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