You somehow knew this was going to be asked

Did Israel play any role in the False Flag Terror Attacks in Paris?  If you ask Brother Nathanael all you Zion scum who are cheerleaders for the so-called holy land…THE ANSWER IS YES!  And memo to Schlussel, Gellar et al….YOU’RE WELCOME! And another thing…THIS FALSE FLAG ATTACK CAUSED BY OUR SO-CALLED ALLY ISRAEL AND ITS GOYIM SUPPORTERS WILL LEAD TO FURTHER ENFORCEMENT OF THE NSA!

This year, civil libertarians were finally going to kill it. With the Snowden revelations and the collection of Americans’ phone records, the agency’s spy program was nearly out for the count. Surely, the June 1 deadline to renew the Act would be the day we’d put this foolishness to rest. But Paris terrorists just gave the NSA 16 reasons to keep this atrocity alive… The acts of terrorism in Paris, which killed 12 at Charlie Hebdo magazine and four in a kosher market, have breathed new life into NSA programs that spy on the public. Expect to be hearing experts, bureaucrats, and associated academics drone on and on about how we need the NSA to protect us now more than ever.

And what about the so-called rally in Paris…HERE’S THE TRUTH



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