French President Hollande and Mark Dice…SEPARATED AT BIRTH?

In something that is bound to make the web world cry out “MON DIEU” (My God), comes a report from the alternative media site All News Pipeline saying the socialist French leader claims…THE ILLUMINATI are responsible for the recent Paris false flag attacks…at least according to one translation of a speech made by Hollande.

The brand new video from a website called The Vigilant Christian is getting a lot of attention on the internet for what it claims…that being the French President admitting on Live French TV ‘the illuminati’ were responsible for the attacks upon Paris.

While those who have followed what was once called a ‘conspiracy theory‘ by the corporate media and those who get their so-called news from it, it wouldn’t be surprising the New World Order or Illuminati were once again responsible for carrying out a terrorist attack.  But for France’s own leader to do what he did takes this ‘conspiracy theory’ to a totally new level.

And just what will Mark Dice himself have to say about this?  STAY TUNED!


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