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Texas State Bill Will Nullify All Federal Unconstitutional Acts

Major corporations funding “gay” indoctrination in elementary schools across America. 

Utah Demands Feds Surrender Lands By Dec 31

House Republicans break ‘Pledge to America’

Rep. McClintock: ‘Cromnibus’ was ‘huge surrender’ of GOP power for 9 months

Why Are Democrats Upset Over The Elections?

Is Obama blackmailing Boehner?

Patriots have had enough – Stage Largest Felony Civil Disobedience Rally in History

8th Grader Body Slammed & Arrested by Police for Wearing Rosary to School Football Game in Memory of Dead Brother

Jeb Bush: I Can ‘Persuade’ Conservatives on Amnesty

Illegal Alien Church Choir Leader Accused of Molesting Girl in Texas

Act surprised – Searching For Jonathan Gruber’s Undocumented Research Assistants

ObamaCare woes: Struggling Iowa health insurer taken over by state

The Fed Caused the Oil Crash

Man who waterboarded 9/11 mastermind slams CIA interrogation report

Why no Focus on Black Female Supervising Cop in Garner Case: Equality?

Pupillometry – The Cutting Edge of Mind Control

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the Village

After 70% of Illegal Family Units Fail to Appear at Hearings, Feds to Track More with GPS

Immigration, open US borders: the secret reason

U.S. border agent: ‘Morale never been lower’

Update Kessler: Former police chief who posted videos secretly fed info on people he viewed as extremists to FBI

Australian Lawmaker says Tyrannical Gun Laws made a “Nation of Victims” & it’s “Unforgivable”

‘Hip’ church gives biblical Christians new label: ‘Hater’

Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect

The Top 11 Campus Political Correctness Debacles of 2014

Heart-breaking video shows dog trying to protect its fallen friend from passing cars after it is run over and killed

Coming Egg Shortage Will Tax Family Budgets

STUDY: Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice ‘baseless or wrong’

Cancer Nurse Quits To Promote Natural Cures


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