Operation Ajax…BLACKMAIL?!

Iran’s Press TV recently reported on though did not mention by name the 1953 joint crime venture between the US and Britain, Operation Ajax, whereby the democratically elected Mohammed Mosaddegh was ousted in a coup and replaced with the Shah of Iran.  Of course 35 years ago was the infamous hostage siege which was a result of this bad foreign policy, but not reported in the corporate run media.

The overthrow led to the return of Iran’s former monarch, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, whose regime turned increasingly oppressive until it was toppled by the Islamic Revolution of 1979, led by Ayatollah Khomani.

Well it turns out the UK was BLACKMAILING THE US, at least according to this Press TV report.

Former British Prime Minister (and ally in WWII) Winston Churchill blackmailed the Eisenhower administration by threatening to pull out British forces from the Korean peninsula during the Korean War unless the US, through the CIA, supported the overthrow of Mosaddegh, according to Jeff Steinberg, a senior editor at the Executive Intelligence Review. And the stakes?  OIL!

“So in a certain sense, the US was blackmailed into playing a role in what was fundamentally a British coup, it was on behalf of British Petroleum and their various, extensive oil holdings in Iran,” Steinberg told Press TV on Friday.

“The US unfortunately played a very nasty role in the Mosaddegh coup,” he said. “There is no legitimate excuse for withholding the release of the files on this shameful coup d’etat to overthrow Mossadegh … This was another dark moment in American history.”

The US State Department recently decided to delay the release of a volume of historical diplomatic documents that deals with the ouster of Mosaddegh.

Senior State Department officials decided at a September meeting to delay the release of the document out of concerns that it could adversely affect the current negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

“The refusal to release on the basis of the implications for the P5+1 talks to be a relatively shallow excuse,” Steinberg said.

And of course, in an infamous interview from 2007 with one of Fox News’s resident neocons Bill O’Reilly, when then Texas Congressman Ron Paul mentioned Operation Ajax, though not again by name, O’Reilly had a neocon/PNAC hissyfit.


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