A Facebook friend’s huge plea

From my friend Nedd Kareiva in Indiana…

Dear Facebook Friends & Family:

The following is regretfully lengthy and (of course political as well as spiritual in a sense) but I can no longer stay silent. I make no apologies for it and if I lose someone because of it, so be it. The truth is that what’s occurring and described below, should offend all Americans, regardless of political party or persuasion. We all must come together like never before. Anyone who is a legal citizen of our once great nation should be outraged.

Our nation is in grave crisis as we approach the time of the year where we normally give thanks to our Creator for all His blessings, both temporal and eternal. In I Sam. 8, the elders of the nation of Israel came to the Judge Samuel to request an earthly king to rule over them instead of God Almighty. They were dissatisfied with both him (due to his age) and his sons, Joel & Abiah, whom scripture says were appointed judges by his father, for which vs. 3 says they (1) followed after money (2) took bribes and (3) perverted judgment. The people apparently liked neither the righteous Samuel nor his errant sons. They wanted a special leader to fight wars and be like other countries (most of which rejected God). They desired not to be a unique people, God’s chosen. They wanted to be as evil as those particular nations.

Samuel prophetically outlined Israel’s leaders the dire consequences they faced by giving them an earthly king. They and the people rejected his warnings and insisted on their king. Samuel was grieved but did as he was told. Four chapters later (I Sam 12), Israel came to its senses (temporarily) and realized what Samuel said about the king and dictator Saul actually came to pass. (Note: this should be read in the context that the Lord would have no issue with a godly human leader in charge [II Sam. 23:3] of the nation but that Israel sought to be equal to the world’s sinful nations.

Six years ago, America was faced with either putting a U.S. senator who served in Vietnam in the Oval Office or an inept, inexperienced, God hating, America hating community organizer from the south side of Chicago, an individual whom, to this day, has all but failed to meet the presidential requirements as outlined in our blessed Constitution. The people were weary of the wars fought during the last Bush administration (and other matters) and wanted to chart a new course. Along came a then current U.S. senator and former Illinois state senator who had no signature legislation to his name but became well known for being the only state lawmaker to support partial birth abortion and even infanticide.

This man had then promised an audience under his “leadership” that “the rise of the oceans would begin to slow and our planet begin to heal”. He told another audience “A light will shine through that window. A beam of light will come down upon you. You will experience an epiphany and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for…..[this man]”. He publicly showed disdain to yet another audience about people who “cling” to the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment and opposed illegal immigration. And before all that, this man asked an audience he spoke to “Which passages of scripture should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is OK and that eating shellfish is an abomination? Or we could go with Deuteronomy, which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith? Or should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount…..a passage that is so radical that it’s doubtful that our Defense Department would survive its application.”?

Like Saul of old, the public had more than ample warning (despite virtual mafia media blackout of everything derogatory) of what this man would do if elected to the White House. Yet in spite of it all, even some of the naivest members of the public (people Rush Limbaugh term “low information voters”) heard about this man’s 20+ year friendship with Jeremiah Wright, the preacher whose, “God damn America” speech went viral once it came to light. Many of those same people, again, despite full media cover up and ridicule, read reports from a lifelong Pennsylvania Democrat lawyer named Phil Berg that the man’s birth certificate and claim to U.S. citizenship was as bogus as an $8 bill.

Despite a media full court cover up of all of Barack Obama’s very sordid past, shady associations, uncertain citizenship, homosexual trysts with Larry Sinclair (and others), fondness for Islam and so much else, there was yet ample proof of the unmitigated disaster he would be if elected to the highest office in the land. If nothing else, his falsely prophetic comments about oceans receding if elected and lights and voices telling voters to cast their lots for him should alone have doomed him.

Yet despite the willful blindness of so many Americans (many of which have thankfully since seen the light) to believe such foolishness, a majority of them set aside their brains and voted for Obama in 2008 (and subsequently in 2012, albeit minus a portion of that original base). Similarly (though in my view, nowhere near as bad) as with Saul of old, the American public has paid a costly price the last six years with the election of this constitutionally illegitimate occupant in the Oval Office. Not that John McCain would have been much better. He himself would have been a disaster if elected, for reasons I’ll refrain from giving here. But he wouldn’t have come close to the catastrophic nightmare Obama was and is.

The question is, as with Israel, will America repent of its sins and of electing an dictator and God hater?

I need not detail the scandals, crimes and threats to America these past 6 years directly tied to this administration. They speak for themselves and there are volumes of press stories as to back it all. However, I absolutely must address last week’s executive order to grant amnesty to God knows how many illegals, along with a host of related ramifications that will occur as a result. This has the power and I daresay likelihood in unprecedented fashion to alter America’s fabric. We must not let this decision stand. We have no choice but strike back. This is for all the marbles. We cannot permit a man who could now aptly be described as king, tyrant, dictator, emperor, monarch, etc. to remain in charge of America the next two years. We have little time to lose. Our moral infrastructure is on life support.

The American people sent a stern, frantic message to would be leaders three weeks ago. They elected to put Republicans in charge of the U.S. Senate, in expanded control in the U.S. House, and outside of Illinois and some states on the East & West Coasts, in control of most legislatures. The GOP has full control of 31 state legislatures (Nebraska’s is unicameral but regarded as Republican) and has one chamber in 8 other states. Even in the 11 states with legislatures still run by Democrats, Republicans won new seats. And in Congress, Republicans unseated several Democrats on the East Coast and made very competitive many races on the coasts originally not viewed as winnable. The public clearly stated that they want the GOP to run the ship, even if not enthusiastically. They want them to grind Obama’s agenda to an abrupt halt. That includes the terrorist releases at Gitmo, Obola’s Ebola scares and illegally flooding the U.S. with children from Central America, no doubt leading to this amnesty order.

This leads us to the showdown we have in DC between Republicans and Dictator Obama. So far we’re hearing much anger from many Republican members of Congress and other leaders but without much of an anchor and a goal how to proceed. It is inarguable that Obama’s actions warrant impeachment. However, it seems they are weak-kneed about taking such action. Even defunding the White House or at least everything related to this order is being treated with skittishness. There is no reason for this. Republicans have a clear mandate to lead. This past election cannot be interpreted in any other way. They must have their feet firmly held to the fire. If they choose not to remove the lawless one, then we must force their hand, by any and all lawful means. We cannot take NO for an answer.

I propose (aside from the standard measures to call, write, fax and e-mail their elected representatives and senators, which we must continue to do and not cease, even during this season) that we first must tell GOP leadership (starting with Speaker Boehner & Senate Majority Leader-Elect McConnell) as well as all Republicans in other capacities (representatives, senators, the federal and state party apparatuses, leadership groups, etc.) in no uncertain terms: NO DONATIONS WITHOUT IMPEACHMENT, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO APOLOGIES. In other words, don’t impeach, the elephant starves. We must do so, we must be consistent. We may not be able to stop the filthy rich Karl Roves & Koch Bros. from filling GOP coffers but we must try to reach as many would be donors as possible.

What we must do is when we get any e-mail message, call, letter from any GOP source is to reply to it and state again – NO IMPEACHMENT, NO MONEY. If you get any such solicitations, reply accordingly and loudly. A few responses here and there won’t go far but get into the thousands and hopefully beyond and we may have a chance.

The second thing we absolutely must do, particularly if the GOP howls and growls but stays dormant, is stage a massive and sustained protest. I have long supported efforts to go to Washington (car, bus, train, plane) by the millions to descend on the White House & Congress and to paralyze DC as such may be the only way to put the fear of God in our elected officials. However, such has been difficult to organize since it would disrupt families by forcing them to go out of town for days and costs of lodging and transportation for some may be beyond some folks means. I think the Koch Bros. could underwrite an effort to contract busses from across the 48 contiguous states to go to DC and we could have a huge impact on the nation. But getting high numbers of people to go would still be tough.

What I propose in its stead is organizing a twice a week (at least) rally outside ALL GOP Congressional & Senate on Capitol Hill. This includes outgoing Republicans (until they officially leave their offices in January) as well as all GOP Congressmen-elect and Senators-elect. Since Democrats will not impeach and since Democrats were put out of power, we will not be targeting them. We want Republicans to do what they were elected to do, lead the country out of Obama’s morass and remove him from office.

We must organize this as soon as possible. We need commitments from people from ALL Republican districts to agree to stand 2-4 hours once or twice a week outside each and every district office of our members of Congress until the GOP cries uncle. We will hold signs and firmly demand impeachment. We cannot and will not take NO for an answer. The only answer is YES and and unequivocally. If Congress fails to impeach, then we must ask them to step aside. Yes, impeachment may be uncomfortable but what is the alternative? Do we want to continue losing our nation to a lawless dictator? What would our Founding Fathers do? Any answer other than a resounding YES to impeach is totally unacceptable. Boehner, McConnell and all GOP leaders everywhere must be literally buried in communications to act and start the process of removing Obama or resign.

One thing some sincere Republicans may say is they don’t want to relive the 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton. Three rebuttals (1) the crimes of Mr. Clinton fully pale to the utter lawless acts committed by Obama (2) you do the right thing, regardless of what the media & American left say and (3) while there was criticism of the GOP for pursuing Clinton’s impeachment, the political price paid was the equivalent of a hiccup as evidenced by the 2000 election George W. Bush and retained control of Congress, having only lost a tiny handful of seats with those related to impeachment dubious at best. With our country fast tracked to the gutter, the public’s booming voice at the ballot box told the GOP they want them to lead America back on course. To allow Obama to do so unchecked is not an option.

If you believe in this effort, please share it with other like-minded individuals and groups. We need some heavy duty names to help carry the water and the message. This may well be for all the marbles. Our citizenship may be in the next life but until then, we must act in this one to save America, for us and our offspring. America is infinitely bigger than one man. That one man must go. That man is Obama. We can and must do it. Are you game? Happy Thanksgiving; more to come after the holiday.

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