It looks like Senator Rand Paul, (R-KY), while blasting Obama/Soetoro as a king with his Executive Action on the illegal aliens (just looking for more Democratic voters), cited containment camps used against Japanese Americans in WWII.

The following YouTube is from American Bridge 21st Century

Now this is not a comparison of the two E.O’s made by different presidents obviously, but it is about the overall use or abuse of executive orders. Allowing one president to make a decision, no matter how good or bad the decision is, is allowing allowing another president to use that power for horrible things like Japanese internment camps…OR FEMA CAMPS!

As expected the Pantsuit mafia (HIllary Clinton supporters) and any and all members of the Nazi party (formerly Democrats) by looked to belittle the Senator and paint him up as a conspiracist…WHAT THE HELL EVER PAJAMA BOY MSNBC WATCHING FOOLS!

Meanwhile, it emerged Friday Obama used another executive order, classified of course (he IS the most transparent president eve…RIGHT MATTHEWS, SCHULTZ, MADDOW, O’DONNELL, FARROW AND ALL THE OTHER QUEER COMMUNISTS AT THAT PROPAGANDA OUTFIT FOR THE NAZI LEFT?!?!?!?!) expanding the U.S. military role in the illegal war in Afghanistan bypassing Congress.


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