OK remember about the CNN faux pas?

Here’s the link in case you missed it.


While introducing Mike Huckabee for a segment on The Kelly File last night, Megyn Kelly slipped up and almost said “*uckabee” with the letter ‘F’.

Now in all honesty, I am no fan of the neocon former Arkansas governor.

Well he took it all in stride, but I just wonder about his Saturday night program, if he will have the last laugh.

But let me say in her defense, Kelly sounded sick like she was having a cold or something.  Perhaps some medicines she took made her feel drowsy

And like stink on feces, the Nazi left, like Americans Against The Tea Party is attacking this in the typical fake left-right WWE style of combat politics that has become the corporate national media.

This is now trending on Facebook, run by lefty Jew Mark Zuckerberg.


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