Could THIS man right the Titanic that is the CT GOP?

His name is JR Romano and he according to some sources and reports I have seen online he carries some decent cache.

He was Peter Schiff’s campaign manager in 2010. (Schiff should be governor or at least Senator)

But to me there is a negative… CT Director of Americans For Prosperity for several years.  That group can come off as being a bit neocon and also has ties to Harry Reid’s mad obsession The Koch Brothers, who allegedly gave $20 million to the ACLU.

This comes as GOP State Senator Joseph Markley of Southington has begun to ask support for a bid for Republican state chairman. Markley and others are seeking to replace failed incumbent Jerry Labriola months before his term ends in the spring.

Labriola was raked across the coals by Tom Foley and his supporters in the Hearst CT Newspapers last week after his failed attempt for the second time in CT’s latest form of insanity to beat Governor re-elect Dannel Malloy. This article was discussed in a post on this blog.

I said in that post Labriola was a bad choice and his ineptitude led to the dictatorial way Foley ran his failure of a campaign with his fool’s gold coast money.  I also have been calling for his resignation.  An upcoming special meeting in December at the Republican State Central Committee is a chance by the state GOP to possibly give the neocon Labriola his well-deserved walking papers.

If not the CT GOP heads for the dreaded dustbin of history.


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