In what has to be a scathing report in the Hearst Media newspapers, Connecticut’s Republican party shows how truly dysfunctional it has become over the last few years.

According to the report, a source close to the state GOP said Thursday, Tom Foley was basically a bully, the same way he was back in 2010.

Speaking to Hearst Connecticut Media on condition of anonymity, the person described complete dysfunction in the Foley campaign. Against the advice of Republican leaders, the party insider said, Foley called all the shots on hiring “yes men,” and on the content of TV ad scripts, debate preparation and get-out-the-vote efforts.

“They essentially hijacked the party,” the person said of Foley’s campaign. “He’s (expletive) Karl Rove. He knows best.”

Being called the neocon Fox News political analyst and the so-called architect of the George W Bush presidency, is perhaps the lowest anyone can go.  Even pollster Frank Luntz (and his dials and focus groups) had some not so choice words for the curmudgeon businessman from the (Fool’s) Gold Coast.

The GOP primary winner was said to have gone so far as to write the scripts of his television commercials, which noted Republican pollster Frank Luntz told the conservative National Review this week were the worst candidate ads in the nation. Foley was said by his defenders to have played an active role in messaging and helping edit the scripts of his TV ads.

That’s another tumor in the gut of the GOP, proving money and cronyism cannot buy you anything.  Of course it’s even worse with Malloy and his big money pals and the unions who re-elected him this week.

And even Foley behaved like a mad squad commander to state GOP boss Jerry LaBriola

The message from Foley to the party boss Labriola: “You’re gonna do this (expletive) my way,” the source said.

The hostilities were apparent on election night, when Labriola was absent from Foley’s war room at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich, where the GOP boss was sequestered in his hotel room.

War room is right…CIVIL WAR that is

So why did the state GOP did this?  Well where I live here in Greenwich has one problem…TOO MUCH CRONYISM AND TOO MUCH MONEY, WHICH DOES NOT EQUAL SPEECH (DESPITE WHAT THE ILLEGAL SUPREME COURT SAID IN THE CITIZENS UNITED CASE).  I also guess the state GOP listens too much to neocon talk radio kingpins like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and El Gran Rushbo Rush Limbaugh.  Also, they just don’t like the fact they are called the Republican Party because…wonder of wonders…THIS IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC…or so the elites think.

Can anything be done before the cancer really kills the CT GOP?  A quick solution…please stop coming here to the Fool’s Gold Coast and especially to Greenwich where if you ask me even at Town Hall we have wishy washy Republicans like Fred Camillo and town First Selectman Peter Tesei.

A more long term solution…RECOGNIZE LIBERTY!  There are other parties in this state you know like the Libertarian Party, which has a Connecticut affiliate and stop listening to how the media and neocon talk radio characterizes it. But if you can’t support that, how about elect some Republicans who have some liberty leanings in them.

Michigan and Kentucky have such politicians.  Congressional members Justin Amash and Thomas Massie.

I mention these two because of their solid conservative records and yet these two are on the side of liberty.  Amash by the way cruised to re-election Tuesday night.

Also the GOP wanted to beat Malloy…TOO ONE-SIDED.  It’s more than that.  When Foley got the approval of the CT Citizens Defense League that group didn’t know they had someone who would be wishy-washy on the state’s unconstitutional anti-second amendment gun law.  Also when Foley got the endorsement of the Family Institute of Connecticut, petitioning candidate Joe Visconti (whom this writer voted for as THE TRUE CONSERVATIVE) said Foley has a pro-choice record and supports homosexual marriage. They took the advice of the late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis…just win baby.

Just win?  It’s sadly more than that for Connecticut’s Grand Old Party…emphasis on old.

The party should think young…but not drink Pepsi to coin a 1960’s ad campaign for the soda.

Oh and i have some advice for Mr. LaBriola…RESIGN!


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