The two parties won as usual on Selection Day

And Jesse Ventura (who will be my POTUS pick in ’16) spoke to Ben Swann at RT during their election coverage.  And no surprise, he attacked the two-party corruption machine

Glen Wallace at the YouTube comments section posted

It is our so-called representative democracy that needs to be slammed. We end up with a selection limited to candidates that either hold positions that are uncertain or we don’t agree with.  In a direct democracy we the people get to vote according to our position on every issue instead of having to settle for the ‘best of the worst’ candidates that we can only hope wont be too much of a disappointment for the common man they are supposed to represent.  On so many of the contentious issues today, a national referendum vote could be held that would clearly settle the matter from a truly democratic standpoint.  And, with the internet technology today, never before in human history would it be easier to implement a true, direct democracy.
And the media lets fire on one of Jesse friends Alex Jones…IN THEIR USUAL LOWBLOW STYLE!  AND HE RESPONDS.

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