The Central Bankers blow-up

In a posting on the Zero Hedge blog came a story about how the big banksters would rather in their own design blow things up rather than admit their way of thinking was wrong…kind of like Obama’s White House.

The Keynesian socialist economists’ managing or advising the world’s Central Banks have always averred they could pull us out of the weakest recovery in the post-WWII era if they were allowed to have their way.

Their “way” involves rampant debt monetization, also called Quantitative Easing or QE. Indeed, the primary argument from the Keynesians as to why QE has thus far failed to generate a rip-roaring recovery is that none of the QE programs in place were large enough.

Japan is where the Keynesian economic model rubber hit the road. In April 2013, the Bank of Japan announced a staggering $1.4 trillion QE program. In today’s world of Central Banking madness, $1.4 trillion no longer sounds like an insane amount. But just what would $1.4 trillion equate to?

1)   The equivalent of 24% of Japan’s total annual economic output.

2)   Enough to fly every human being in Japan to California for a 2-week vacation.

Is there a solution to this at least here?  Well there might be if people will listen to Brother Nathanael and The Chicago Plan (from the IMF no less) and tell the Jews who run the Central Banks to go kiss-off.  And yes it happens to involve more than just ending the Fed.


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