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And a video from Alex Jones RE: global elites and racism

Bombshell Report Confirms Released Gitmo Prisoners Return To Terrorism

Bergdahl ‘Deserter’ Investigation Complete, Results on Hold Until AFTER Election

US Funds Child Beheading “Freedom Fighters” with Billions in Tax Dollars

9/11: NIST Lawsuit Underway

Expert: 9/11 False Flag Was The Greatest Crime Of The Century

Apple’s Tim Cook, Gay American Hero Vs. Mozilla Firefox’s Brendan Eich, Evil Christian Villain

Hawaii will go bust by 2016, Senate minority leader says

Nearly $1bn already spent on US military campaign against ISIS

Turner Broadcasting to cut 10 percent of its workforce: 1,475 to get the ax including 300 at CNN alone

In this video…Alex Jones breaks down the globalists plan and how they are dividing humanity to make sure that no one can fight back against them.


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