From where else but Illinois.

One voter in Moline,part of the Quad Cities early-voted yesterday in the city’s Public Library, and had a “very rare” error when he tried to vote for Republicans on a computer-based voting machine. But this time, he had his camera phone rolling, and sent the website Top Right News his video.

The Mockingbird, corporate national media is avoiding reporting on the midterm elections like the plague, at least if you believe the neocons at Newsbusters  because they are scared their chosen on Obama/Soetoro is going to have a night to forget come Election Day.  That is unless George Soros can come in like Jonathan Papelbom (I dare not mention Mariano Rivera as a Yankees fan and besides I think of that southern freak as PapelBUM) and do a save in the form of said broken electronic voting machines. Soros owns controlling interest in the Diebold Voting Machine Company, which is the machine used in all US elections.

Here in CT, we have paper ballots to fill out and put through a scanner like those ScanTron test papers I had when I was in high school.

Last week another GOP State Rep. Jim Moynihan said he tried to vote for himself and other Republicans and the electronic voting machine switched his votes to Democrats. Officials once again blamed a “very rare calibration error,” and some on the left accused him or lying or exaggerating his claims….NO…REALLY?!

Well similar incidents have been reported, not by the Mockingbird Media as usual, in Maryland and Florida.


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