A slippery slope on the Merritt

In what has to be the most unusual accident as far as I can recall, a tractor trailer, which wasn’t even supposed to be there in the first place, had an accident at mid-morning on the Merritt/Hutchinson River Parkway northbound from New York into Connecticut.  The truck caught on fire after slamming into an overpass causing its contents, butter, to melt all over the highway.

Image from Greenwich Patch

Firefighters form Rye Brook, NY and Greenwich assisted in putting out the very greasy blaze.

“We had fuel oil burning on the roadway, the truck itself, and a lot of the butter due to its combustibility,” Greenwich Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Zack told News 12.

The 18-wheeler entered the parkway from I-287 and was heading to Massachusetts. The driver and a passenger were not harmed in the incident. The truck driver said he was following GPS instructions from his phone. Police say he will be cited.

As of the posting of this blog post, the road is still shut down and all Northbound traffic is being directed up the exit ramp at King Street and back down the entrance ramp on the other side in Greenwich.

“ We recommend commuters to avoid the area during this evening’s rush hour period,” Westchester County Police Department spokesman Kieran O’Leary said to the Patch

COMMENT: It is clearly marked on all entrance signs to Route 15 “NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES ALLOWED.”  Either the driver’s GPS went crazy…or the driver was just plain stupid.


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