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This evening, Joe Visconti, the petitioning candidate for governor, showed up along with major party candidates Democratic Governor Dan P. Malloy and Republican challenger Tom Foley for the third or fourth in a series of debates. The only difference, aside from the addition of the West Hartford native is perhaps a new breath of fresh air in a era where uninformed zombies still trust the corporate media and their government spin ala Operation Mockingbird.

The debate, at the Garde Arts Center is sponsored by the city’s newspaper The Day, Connecticut Public Television and WNPR. Visconti qualified by meeting a five percent polling threshold by the media sponsors. Other debates required candidates to meet a 10 percent polling threshold.

Said polls, which are to be taken with so much salt concerns for high blood pressure would go up, earlier this month in a Quinnipiac University poll showed 9 percent of likely voters backing Visconti. Malloy and Foley each got 43 percent.

Visconti qualified for the New London event but Foley’s participation in a debate next week sponsored by NBC CT is in doubt, Visconti and Malloy could go head-to-head. Foley’s camp has said it’s been unable to reach agreement on the debate rules, raising mainly media-driven speculation the Gold Coast millionaire simply wants to avoid Visconti, who’s also a Republican.

The 57-year-old former builder from West Hartford told The Day, the debate appearance will help him overcome the lack of name recognition that’s “stunted” his campaign. He said he’s earned his showing in the polls while raising and spending $20,000 – a fraction of the millions the Malloy and Foley campaigns have spent, all tax payer dollars he like to say. His support, he said, is coming from likely voters turned off by the negative nature of the major party campaigns and from unlikely voters who just might be moved to cast a ballot this time. He discounts the notion his candidacy is splintering the Republican vote, all but assuring Malloy’s re-election. Something that is akin to the left-wing supporters of Obama, Reid, Pelosi always saying “It’s Bush’s fault.”

Malloy no surprise received the endorsement of the Norwich Bulletin, located in a city that seems to be more and more like the leftist bastions of Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury, New Haven and Malloy’s Stamford.

With a good showing tonight, his radio appearances no withstanding, Visconti said he could jump to 20 percent in the polls. Next week, following the likely head-to-head with Malloy, he could jump to the high 20s, he said. Then, he’s got a chance.

The debate is moderated by WNPR News Director John Dankosky, who also hosts the talk program Where We Live. Questioners include Paul Choiniere, editorial page editor for The Day, and Harriet Jones, WNPR business reporter.

The economy, guns and maybe even Ebola and character could come up during this debate wherein each of the participants will have a maximum total time of 16 minutes to answer questions, many of which are pre-screened, taking away freedom of the press. The three stood on clear lecterns and all dressed to the nines.

Question number 1 by Choiniere went to Foley. In full disclosure, his personality is that of mold, cold, wet, nothing. It was about a deal with United Technologies leading into a question about corporate welfare. Foley said Malloy has spent two billion dollars to see to it companies stay in CT deapite the high taxes. He did acknowledge Visconti with some trepidation. He answered it in his fashion…dull dreary, no vim. Foley promised support for job creators while saying he would take his foot off the brake.

Then came Visconti where he acknowledged the grassroots and his family. He too is an opponent to corporate welfare. He cited a developer in Hartford who ended up leaving the state due to high taxes and showed the fire his fans knew him for. When it was Malloy’s turn he did not recognize Visconti by name…perhaps a sign of fear.

He then bragged and claimed Connecticut will be making a lot more engines…SURE AND THE UCONN FOOTBALL TEAM WILL BEAT ALABAMA IF EVER THOSE SCHOOLS MEET.

Danksoky asked Foley a follow-up on UTC. He stumbled his way through the answer by saying he worries about the state’s taxpayers (really?)

But as it always is, it’s about the big money elites in Fairfield County backing Foley and the urban left backing Malloy.

Visconti’s follow-up blasted cronyism and UTC. He said the state needs to look at the waves of debts coming.

Harriet Jones asked the next question to Joe about concessions to unions. And if they don’t come tax hikes might come. He didn’t blame the unions citing his talks with them.

We are not asking for the whole apple but a bite of the apple. He said he wants to prune the state budget and make sure residents stay in CT instead of leave for low tax states like New Hampshire.

Foley followed up by a visit to Pfizer in New London County. He said blasting Malloy that jobs went from various places. “This is on your watch governor.”

Malloy claimed 60,000 jobs were created…perhaps part-time or seasonal. In a shot of the night, Malloy said the daughter of the President of Pfizer was a volunteer on MALLOY’S CAMPAIGN. HOLY CRONYISM BATMAN!

Choiniere asked Malloy about the Citizen’s Election Program wherein the Democrats used millions of dollars to see to it that he gets elected. Choiniere correctly asked if this was a mockery of the law. Again Malloy took to attacking Foley like the schoolkids they are especially about a $16,000

Visconti said he doesn’t need the CEP to run the campaign. He then blasted the two candidates for their big money ads to which there was some applause for Joe from the audience and the warning from Dankosky. Well HE DID SAY SAVE THE APPLAUSE FOR THE END!

Jones asked a question about the unfounded science of climate change to Foley. He then said things about alternative energy and warning about increases in power prices. Joe said to read a book called Chill where actually the climate is cooling. And he said while climate change is manmade, it’s not for the reasons ones think. Malloy takes the Bill Nye/Chicken Little sky is falling attitude that would have people like Lord Christopher Monckton, Climate Depot and John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel and weatherman in San Diego at KUSI cry foul

Choiniere asked Visconti THE BIG QUESTION…on guns. This would be his time to shine as a supporter of the Second Amendment. He said he would work with the legislature about magazines limitations. The second would be what makes an assault weapon. Criminals use guns as an offensive weapon. His response got another applause from the crowd. Malloy touted his gun law, the result of the false flag at Sandy Hook claiming crime has gone down. Memo to Malloy…TWO WORDS…JOHN LOTT!

Up next from Jones was about Common Core, another area Visconti has shown passion on.   Where is the money for tomorrow? What will be cut? He said teachers he’s met hate Common Core as do parents. Malloy took the big government route saying Common Core came to CT under a Republican governor…assuming Rowland or Rell.

Spending and debts were next and that which Visconti said delivered another round of applause. Has Connecticut started to wake up?

Malloy mentions the elitism that has been made infamous in a series of ads where in Foley closed down a job in Georgia. Memo to the Peach State…YOUR CUMULUS MEDIA OWNS A FEW RADIO STATIONS IN CT…LEAVE US ALONE! And the danbots got to their feet.

Visconti talked about the inner cities and especially the minority men wanting them to get into the trades which he himself had been in for many years.

Each of the candidates had 60 seconds to offer closing comments. Both Foley and Malloy spun their heels with spending and taxing. Joe Visconti ended with a message of hope.



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