QUESTION: Who is America’s Worse Governor

Being called too far to the left even for Connecticut by National Review…you guessed it…DANNY BOY MALLOY!

In his article Matt Purple writes “in addition to not being president in 2016 (when asked by the obese one Candy Crumley of CNN), Malloy might not even be governor of Connecticut. A Wednesday Quinnipiac poll has Malloy tied with the same challenger he defeated in 2010. Quinnipiac last month actually had Republican challenger Tom Foley ahead by six points, and a poll from Rasmussen had Foley leading by seven.”

Just showing how much of an impact Joe Visconti is starting to make.

So why this taking on Malloy?  The answer is obvious

The biggest culprit is the tax increase, or rather the whole suite of tax increases, that Malloy signed into law in 2011. These included a hike in the state sales tax from 6 percent to 6.35 percent, an increase on income taxes for those making more than $100,000 a year, higher cigarette and alcohol taxes, a new luxury tax on expensive items, a cabaret tax on bars that play music, and the removal of tax exemptions on cheap footwear, nonprescription drugs, and yarn. (Woe to the politician who fiddles with the yarn tax.)

Then again taxation is theft. The $2.6 billion in taxes has been an absolute killer for this state

In 2011, the year the new taxes were implemented, Connecticut’s GDP shrank by 0.9 percent, and it’s remained anemic ever since. According to a University of Connecticut economic analysis in 2013, “Connecticut is one of the few states whose economy, whether measured in output or household income, is not close to its 2007 peak.” Couple that with the nation’s third highest tax burden, third highest energy costs, and fifth worst business environment, and you have a state charging its citizens a fortune in exchange for minimal economic expansion.

And taking a page out of his hero Obama/Soetoro’s playbook, he blames the previous administration for past economic woes, namely that of neocon Jodi Rell.  Not really Dan.

But as the Hartford Courant’s Kevin Rennie points out, at the end of Rell’s term in 2010 the economy was slowly regaining its luster. “In those 11 months under Rell, Connecticut saw 23,000 jobs created. In no year of Malloy’s term has Connecticut seen that level of job growth,” Rennie writes.

Purple went on to characterize the former Stamford Mayor as a ” Tex Avery caricature of a supercilious liberal blogger. He has a habit of speaking to constituents like he’s substitute teaching a civics class of young students (at a recent town hall: “We have courts in this country. We have a legislative branch, an executive branch, and we have courts”)”.  And does it with more hmms and haws than Obama/Soetoro!

If I may add one criticism in this article…nowhere does it mention Joe Vicsonti whom in the comments section is raked against the coals by the same neocons who want a punching bag in Malloy or whatever progressive there is so they can continue their WWE politics (yes including Linda McMahon!).

If Connecticut is the land of steady habits, their habit of electing neocons or progressives…IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!


By the way this article comes as CT is about to become involved in Ebola as based on the following links below (h/t to Andrea Shea King).


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