The real truth about Foley…and Malloy

Here on TV in CT an ad from the Malloy campaign has been playing about how Tom Foley is tied into the Family Institute of Connecticut a so-called right wing group.  Here is the ad in question…

But the Joe Visconti campaign on Facebook have a few things to say…FOLEY IS NOWHERE NEAR A REPUBLICAN

1. Foley refuses to seek union concessions – Not Republican

2. Foley refuses to cut spending with a 2 year 2.8 billion dollar deficit coming (wants it flatlined with built in 7% increase) – Not Republican

3. Foley supports minimum wage hike and agreed with Obama/ Malloy New Britain visit this year to pass the law on small business owners during an ongoing recession -Not Republican

4. Foley will infringe on “due process” and agrees with Malloy on taking guns from citizens during 2 week wait for restraining order hearing when citizen is not arrested for abuse/violence instead of agreeing with Visconti’s plan for rapid response judicial team – Not Republican

5. Foley will not seek the repeal of Common Core, he is all in and wanted to build on it, then wanted it in only failing schools, now he has no position on it (flip flop flap) – Not Republican


6. Foley will not submit Governors bill to legislature seeking repeal of any part of SB 1160 gun grabber bill- Not Republican

7. Foley is pro gay marriage – Not Republican

8. Foley is pro choice – Not Republican……… and the list goes on. Wonder why I am in the race? I am in the race so there’s a Republican to vote for on November 4th. Foley, Malloy, whats the difference? NOTHING

Still believe in voting the lesser of two evils?


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