The fever is growing

One of the state’s textile propaganda outlets (newspaper), the fake left New Haven Register did something this blogger actually agrees with.  In an editorial posted today, the Register said Joe Visconti should be allowed to partake in the upcoming debates, regardless of elite media thresholds.

“Visconti was invited to participate in an Oct. 16 forum in New London sponsored by The Day and CPTV. NBC Connecticut [WVIT] sets its threshold at 5 percent of the vote in a poll, so he could be eligible to participate in its Oct. 23 debate in West Hartford. But those numbers shouldn’t matter” the paper wrote.

Those five words…”But those numbers shouldn’t matter” is where many of us who hate the two party system agree.


“Visconti would bring a voice to the debates that differs from both Foley and Malloy. A conservative, Visconti has a strong stance on gun owner’s rights and could force Foley to better clarify where he stands on the issue” the editorial said.


The last mini-paragraph summed up what those who aren’t low info voters who trust the corporate media…and shouldn’t… are thinking.  Including a poster named Searcher who opined…

Thank you New Haven Register for pointing out the obvious. All candidates should be included in debates so that the people might make a more informed decision. As it stands only those candidates who spend millions of dollars on pointless ad get included in the debates. What was not mentioned in the article was that at the time of the last Q-Poll, of those polled only 11% were familiar with Visconti. That means that of those familiar with him, the approval rating was over 60%. It would be interesting to see what those numbers would go to if he was allowed to be in the debates.

Well I guess that question could get answered come October 16th in New London in the CPTV debate.  Who knows, it may draw as many viewers as UCONN Women’s basketball, which 20 years ago began a long-lasting and successful run on that network.

And if Joe is on there, I WILL be watching.

If I was back in the media and on the air (radio) I would host a debate and allow ALL contenders, no matter if they are two party, Libertarian, and yes even Green.  ALL voices need to be broadcast or in the words of the late New York talk radio icon Bob Grant…”And LET’S BE HEARD.”


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