The dirty 30

On Tuesday night there was a “debate” with Dan Malloy and Tom Foley, financed by Meredith Corporation and Channel 3.  Joe Visconti was not invited to the latest example of elitism masquerading as politics.

However, there were 30 people outside the debate site protesting the shenanigans.

The so called “Dirty 30” was led by the petitioning ticket of  Joe Visconti and Chet Harris. The group wielded 3 bull horns and displayed the best campaign supporters in all of Connecticut.

Malloy supporters, the low info left-wing welfare whores from Malloy’s hometown of Stamford as well as Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford, more than doubled the Visconti clan. But Facebook accounts say the Dirty 30 made short work of them. Many Democrats stood awestruck and spellbound as team Visconti let loose with chant after chant against the ex-Stamford mayor.

A group representing fellow gold coast elitist Tom Foley of Greenwich arrived late. The number would match the Visconti count, maybe more. None of the Foley folks must have witnessed a pre-debate rally before, because they stood motionless like mannequins like both candidates did for most of the time.

One Facebook post by Lauren Furey Artioli-Harris really put the “deabte” in its place…

I think the voters of CT lost…the fact that WFSB only allowed the 2 party candidates to participate despite there being 3 candidates on the ballot as stated by the Secretary of State, is criminal. The 3rd candidate did not participate because he doesn’t have 10% of the votes. The plain and simple truth is that regardless of % of votes, the taxpayers of CT deserve to know ALL candidates.

Memo to Lauren…YOU GET IT.

News cameramen and a few reporters caught the scene.

Here is a picture of the team.


And now some video of the disobedience, starting with Joe Visconti himself.  About how…unions are voting Republican despite the leftist union bosses voting for Malloy for perhaps a seat in the cabinet should by some work of voter fraud he wins re-election.

Last night’s so-called debate was hosted by Meredith owned WFSB Channel 3.  Visconti was excluded from the event “moderated” by Connecticut’s latest Mockingbird Dennis House.  Visconti and company had a few things to say about that.

And showing the true spirit of independence, the dirty 30 had a message for the so-called candidates.



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