Prayers please for Doug Hagmann

For about a year and a half I have been listening on Blog Talk Radio to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report with investigative journalist and activist for liberty Doug Hagmann and his son Joe.  Well last week Doug came down with a serious illness.  And as you are about to read from Before It’s News…IT IS GETTING UGLY AND I THINK I KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THIS…SO PAY ATTENTION OBOTS!

Emergency prayer requests are going out for Doug Hagmann as shared in the newly released Q-Alert from the website of Steve Quayle linked below. According to Doug’s note directly below, “it came out of nowhere” and he now has a throat infection so bad, he’s been coughing up blood clots and has NO voice. Was this an ‘attack’ directly upon Doug Hagmann by those he speaks against so loudly? Our prayers go out to Doug and his friends and family as well as to Russ Dizdar. The newly released video below Doug’s message is their new one, called: “Hagmann & Hagmann – 26 Sept 2014 – Sheila Zilinski, Dave Hodges & Greg Evensen – Pandemic”.

From Doug himself

Right now, I’ve got NO voice. I do not have the ability to talk above a whisper. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and the nurse took one look at my throat and immediately called in the doctor, the infection was so bad. I could barely swallow liquids AND IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. I have some type of virus that attacked my throat and vocal cords. The strep tests were negative (from the lab, not the office) and the virus type is unknown. I coughed up blood clots yesterday, which the doctor said could happen given the “robust advancement” of the virus. I’ve had consecutive fevers (100-102) that break 1-2 times each day. As such, I had to cancel our plans to attend Russ Dizdar’s satanic crimes conference that starts today while keeping Sheila Zilinsky and Dave Hodges as host/co-host of our show (yesterday and tonight).

Anyway, here’s where it gets interesting. Russ has some satanic investigations in my area that we were going to discuss in person in Chicago. When I confirmed our meeting and attendance with Russ by phone on Monday, he told me that he suffered a very painful leg injury and might be somewhat immobile at the conference. A painful injury that put him in a leg cast and “CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.” I sense that there is much more to these medical issues than just “medical issues.” I am praying for Russ and all of his presenters as this is all out war and time is getting very short. DOUG


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