One of Obama’s supporters kills

Why should we be surprised?  A woman was beheaded in an Oklahoma workplace.  The 30-year-old fired worker who was trying to convert co-workers to Islam ‘stabs two women AND THEN BEHEADS one – before being shot by a heroic off-duty officer.  The incident took place in Moore, Oklahoma, where last year a deadly tornado took place.

Alton Nolen, accused of the bloody crime as well as violating people’s rights, had a traditional Muslim greeting tattooed on his chest.

All of this to this blogger is because of one activist judge’s total misinterpretation of the US Constitution. In August 2013, Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange, appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994, placed a permanent injunction against a ban on the unconstitutional in and of itself Sharia law, declaring the ban to be unconstitutional.

The ban had been approved at the polls in 2010, and passed with the support of more than 70% of voters. However, just two days after the ban was approved as a state constitutional amendment, Muneer Awad, the then-director of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed suit in federal court through the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), claiming that the law violated the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of the First Amendment.

Both CAIR and the ACLU are for the most part in this blogger’s opinion, part of the globalist caliphate called the New World Order with Sharia-based Islam as the one-world religion.

And just where are there videos of beheadings by Christians?  NOWHERE!


It’s time for name em and shame em.  Contact this fool and give her both barrels!  By the way, she is black…but as far as I go RACE MATTERS NOT IF YOU DEFECATE ON THE CONSTITUTION!

U.S. Courthouse
200 N.W. Fourth St. Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Rm 3301 (Third Floor), Courtroom 301 (Third Floor)
Chambers Telephone: 405-609-5400
Chambers Fax: 405-609-5413


Perhaps she should learn from this statesman about how people’s lives are supposed to be.


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